This is where it all began. I stared up at the house and sighed, before looking around, and then walking in. So many memories… Bad ones… and some good ones too… so much fun we had as kids… innocent and not knowing anything…

I was wondering when the house was going to be sold. After mom and dad passed, nobody knew what was going to happen. My siblings weren’t sure if they were going to stay or leave. Not after this.

You see, I wasn’t the perfect child. None of us were. Being kids, we played games and just goofed off. Some of us got into a bunch of trouble as teens. Our parents weren’t perfect either, but… that’s a story for another time. There were plenty of boxes in front of the poorly built house. I guess OUR watcher was a horrible builder. Not that it mattered too much.

Looking through the boxes, I noticed a high school diploma. I picked it up and dusted it off. It read, “Rose Ann Clearwater”. Clearwater. I suppose that was our last name, before she changed it. She had changed it after running away from home with the oldest child, Alana. We didn’t know who her father was, Mom never said, but those eyes that looked nothing like Mother’s, was clearly her mysterious dad’s.

I decided to set things right. If mom wasn’t going to let her legacy be a Clearwater, then I will. I’ll try to be the heir that my mom wasn’t… and had hoped one of her kids would be… I won’t let you down, Mom. I’ll stay in this house in Sunset Valley, that you raised us in, and I pray that this won’t fall apart.

So, that’s it for the prologue! I will be making Alana and Rose Ann Clearwater as the first sims. Alana WILL start as a toddler, and this family has no restrictions for heir, except for not being adopted children. Anyone who isn’t adopted, is fair game for heir. There will be naming themes! For this first generation, it’s going to be Disney MOVIE characters! I’m clarifying for Disney movies, not shows, because I have a few on my list that are options to do. Let’s get started! I’m so excited!

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