1.1 – Home Sweet Home

“Alright, Alana! We’re home!” I exclaimed happily, setting my daughter down on the floor.

“Agooo!” Alana shouted, not quite sure where she was.

I smiled, watching her crawl around and explore, “Alright, Missy. You can stay here for a bit. I have to call a babysitter to watch you. I’m going to go see if I can get a job at the fire department.”

Alana just babbled, crawling around to explore the new house. I smiled and left once the babysitter got here. He was only a teen, but I’m sure he could handle Alana. She may be forgetful, but she was a sweet girl, even if she was a little odd, liking the cold more than warmth.

“Okay, Alana! Time for you to learn how to potty like a big girl!” I smiled at my daughter, and stepped back, letting her take her time.

It took me about 3 tries to get her to be potty trained, but it wasn’t too hard. She’s so quick to learn, even for a toddler. I thought it was going to be harder to get her to get potty trained, but nope! Alana got the hang of it quickly.
I decided that since she was easy to get to potty, we could watch some tv to pass the rest of the time. I ended up watching a romance movie, PG, of course. I didn’t want Alana to be taught bad words yet. At least, not until she was a teen.

I smiled, watching the tv, curious about what my romance life was going to end up being. I hope it was happy, and whoever I ended up with was okay with Alana. That was a must. A guy who got along well with Alana and was fine with changing diapers and taking care of her while I was away. A girl can hope.

The next day, I decided to start early on her walking. She had only a few days before becoming a child, and I was super busy with my last job, preparing to move, packing, and then driving to the new town. I was exhausted, but this was going to be worth it. I got her some form of entertainment. A xylophone and a toy box seemed good enough to start with. Not that it really mattered all that much, but I had tried my best to get them in her favorite color, Aqua. It’s funny how similar her favorite color is to mine. My favorite color is blue, if you wanted to know.

I started out with holding her hand. I knew she’d take comfort from being held on by me… even though I knew I had to let go at some point. I helped her walk for a bit, before letting go and walking a distance that I’m sure she could walk to… and she did her best, tottling along, but she did well.

I’m so excited to see what this town has in store for us, and I’m sure you are too. Hopefully, I can get Alana to walk and talk soon, but I need to sleep for now.

2 thoughts on “1.1 – Home Sweet Home

    • We will! My god, so much has happened in my game. Oh, lord… Rose Ann is going to have trouble with this one! Ugh… I think I’m just going to do with one or two kids this next gen… so… many… toddlers… luckily I put toddler aging at 3 days, because they’re boring. Maybe as boring as the burritos, but… I know I WILL take pics of these tots, for a reason you’ll see soon.


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