1.2 – The Full Moon Phenomenon

A few weeks have passed, and I am excited to say that I have found the one. His name is Elbert, and I decided that since today was Alana’s birthday, he should meet her. There was one problem though…

“Look, I need to finish this elixir for work. It’ll take a few hours. Can’t you postpone it until then?” He asked, trying to whisper on the phone. I hadn’t told Alana yet. I wanted to surprise her.

I sighed, “I’ll try. She’s really excited. Just try to get here as soon as you can. She only grows up into a child once.”

“I’m aware, but work is getting in my way. I’ll try to be there. Love you, Rose Ann.”

I smiled, “Love you, Elbert.”

I put my phone away and sighed, looking at Alana on the floor. She looked excited. I just have to postpone it for a few hours… it can’t be THAT hard… can it? I thought to myself, before I helped her learn the xylophone.

It was a few hours later, and Alana was getting fussier by the hour. She REALLY wanted to grow up. Not that I blame her. Toddlerhood sucks.

I sighed, and gave in, picking her up and taking her to her cake.

“Okay, Alana! Make a wish!” I smiled at my daughter, before setting her down on the floor to grow up. She clapped her hands excitedly, happy to become a child. I watched her happily, before I realized that my shift started in an hour, and I rushed out the door.

~Alana’s P.O.V.~

I sighed, watching Mom go. She really has to miss this, does she? I though to myself, annoyed. I didn’t really care though. There was cake to eat, and Mom had money to make.

I smiled and took a slice of cake and sat down on the couch.

I turned on the tv and listened to whatever they were talking about.

Rain? Boring. Fiona McIrish stuck inside her car? Boring. Jared Frio’s secret tattoos? Still boring.

I leaned into the couch and sighed, “Nothing interesting happening today, huh? On my birthday…”

Breaking news! Reports say that there is a new, “Full Moon Phenomenon”!

I looked at the screen, confused, Full Moon Phenomenon? What does that mean?

“Alright, Lisa. Tell me what this ‘Full Moon Phenomenon is all about.”

“Of course, Jack. Recent reports have come in by couples of newborns, proclaiming that their child, born on the full moon, was turned into a supernatural by the power of the full moon. We don’t know much about it, but it is a scary thought. You’re having a child, you’re both humans, no supernatural blood in your veins or family tree, and then suddenly, when your child ends up being born on the full moon, you have a supernatural child. There has been a list put out on what supernaturals the child could be.”

After that, they showed a list of supernaturals that could happen as a result of this… Full Moon Phenomenon. Plantsim, genie, ghost (a lot of types), vampire, werewolf, witch, and fairy.

That’s a load of bull. There’s no way supernaturals could be born from human parents. Everyone knew that! You could be bitten by a werewolf or vampire and turn into those supernaturals, drink the wrong potion, or eat a forbidden fruit, or die and be brought back as a ghost by science. Everyone knew those were the only ways to become a supernatural as a human. So, for saying that supernaturals could be born by human parents, under the full moon, is a stupid thing to say.

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