1.3 – New Arrival

~Rose Ann’s P.O.V.~

Its been a busy year, but I think I’m finally ready. I decided to ask during a date at the Summer festival.

“Elbert, I would like to ask you something,” I smiled at him.

Elbert hummed, “What is it, Rose Ann?”

“Would you like to move in with me? You don’t have to stay an alchemist. You can move in and do what you’ve always wanted to do, and you can be in politics,” I grinned.

Elbert grinned, “Of course. Your daughter has to know you have a boyfriend at some point.”

I smiled, and hugged him, before walking home with him, humming, “Alana’s a sweet girl. She does her homework, and I’m sure she’ll get straight A’s.”

“That’s good.” He smiled, “I’m glad she’s doing well in school.”

I nodded, “It is. I was thinking of getting her something for her birthday. She’s going to be a teen soon.”

“Oh?” He asked and looked at me.

I nodded and smiled, “Mhm. I’m sure she’s going to be absolutely wonderful.”

~Alana’s P.O.V.~

“So… I’m probably going to be married to your mom soon. Are you okay with that?” Elbert asked, looking in my direction.

I didn’t say anything, and kept eating my ice cream, thinking about how Mom was going to marry someone who wasn’t my dad. Although, I didn’t know who my dad was, I was curious, of course. I just needed to find time to ask her.

Later that night, I managed to get Mom to pillow fight with me, while… Elbert was off getting his dumb job in politics…

“Mom, are you sure about this guy? I don’t like him.”

“I’m sure, Alana. Don’t worry. We’re not going to do anything special. We barely have §3,000 simoleons, after all,” She smiled at me.

I groaned and hit her with the pillow, “I just think you’re making a mistake.”

“I don’t think I am.” She sighed, and that was final.

She proposed later that night, and they got married in the living room. I went to bed early that night. I wasn’t pleased.

Nor did I care about the noises I heard that night… and I don’t think Mom and Elbert cared about what happened that night either.

Mom was pissed in the morning, after she found out the painting over their bed was stolen.

… but, she also had other things to worry about.

2 thoughts on “1.3 – New Arrival

    • That was not planned at all. I just heard the noise and I’m like: Oh, boy… a burglar… great…

      I thought he was going to steal the lamp, but he stole the painting, and, as you saw, Rose Ann was NOT pleased. I’m baffled nobody got up, but I believe one of them is a heavy sleeper, I think it’s Elbert, but still. NOBODY woke up. That was quite surprising.


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