1.4 – Baby!

~Rose Ann’s P.O.V.~

“So… I have something to tell you!” I smiled at Elbert, “We’re going to need lots of little red shoes soon!”

Elbert took a deep breath for a moment.

“Well, that’s just a load of garbage!” He shouted at me.

“Hey!” I exclaimed, starting to get angry, “It is not garbage! You are going to be a good father, and you will not use that tone in front of the children!”

It didn’t really do much. We fought a lot for the rest of the months.

Oh, god… how are we going to handle this?!

Hahaha! I don’t know, Rose Ann, but it’s exhausting.
All five were born on a full moon. 😉
I believe they’re all Leos or Cancers as they were born in the Summer. Will get back to y’all on that.
Alana was born on a waining crescent, and she is a Pisces.

2 thoughts on “1.4 – Baby!

    • Actually, it’s five babies. XD They had one kid, and then I used a mod (I believe it’s Pregnancy Controller, available on ModTheSims), to force them to have four more babies, and… yeah. No more kids this gen. Even if they were tots for 3 days in my game, it was still a struggle. AND they’re all supernatural, as they were born on a full moon (and another mod on ModTheSims, which makes babies born on a full moon have a chance to be an occult was GREAT for this).


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