1.5 – Tots Galore!

I sighed, and watched the toddlers crawl into the living room. There were so many of them! Five, in fact… I frowned, Well… no more kids. That’s for sure. I thought to myself. We decided to name them Hans, Elsa, Anna, Eric, and Aurora. It was going to be quite difficult to tell the boys apart, and Elsa and Aurora. Eric and Hans looked pretty much identical, and so did Elsa and Aurora. Anna had her dad’s skin color, so we could easily tell her apart from the other two girls. Aurora had a weird skin tone, but it was different than Elsa’s.

Anna looked really happy with her lochness monster toy. She called it Nessy and took it everywhere she crawled.

Something was a little off about the five tots, though. Elsa has wings, Aurora had an odd skin color, Anna and Eric had glowing eyes, and they howled at times when they were on the floor. Especially at night. They woke up the other kids with their howling. It was so weird. Maybe something to do with the fact that they were born on the full moon? I don’t know. Hans was the only one without any odd qualities, although his toys did seem to disappear in mid-air from time to time…

Aurora had my eye and hair color, making her unique from her siblings. The only one with my eye color. Anna and Elsa had my hair color, but they had their daddy’s eye color. The boys had both their dad’s eye and hair color.

It was definitely difficult, trying to get them to walk, talk, and learn to use the potty. We ended up not making them, and just forgetting about it.

It was the weirdest thing, though. As the months passed by, it was getting close to their birthdays. Alana seemed to be talking to, and hugging, midair. It was strange. The five ended up getting this weird dolls in the mail, like Alana did when she was born. Their glowing antenna-circle-ball-thing freaked me out, but it kept the kids happy, so I didn’t get rid of them, even if I wanted to. Not that it mattered that much, anyway. It was getting close to all the kiddos birthdays though. Alana was going to be a teenager! Oh god…

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