1.6 – Growing Up Fast

The tots were now kids. Alana was a teenager. It’s been busy. I really enjoyed it once the kids were going to school. Alana was getting straight A’s, as I knew she would, some of them where getting B’s, and unfortunately one of them was in the C’s. I was relieved when Alana came out to us as straight. However, there were other problems for us to deal with, as I overheard one day while I was in the kitchen.

“How dare you try to mess with the sink?!” Elbert shouted at Hans, late one night.

Hans looked upset that he was caught, but didn’t say anything.

“Why, I have half a mind to… to… augh!” Elbert shouted and stormed to our bedroom, slamming the door behind him, making me jump.

We had other problems that night. It was a full moon. I didn’t understand what was happening to Anna and Eric, but it was terrifying. Not knowing what to do, we locked them both in their room.

Anna and Eric had a headache the morning after. Neither of them remembered what happened the night before, but the rest of us definitely did. I decided to let them stay home from school. They seemed quite pleased with that. I didn’t mind. It let me spend more time with them. The next day, they did go back to school, however.

It was nice, really. The house was quiet, and I was alone. Nobody else was there. I felt good about this, and waited quietly for the kids to return, as well as Elbert, while I watched TV.

Eric, Anna, and Elsa decided to stay at school for a bit longer to finish their work. I didn’t mind at all, honestly. As long as they did their work somehow. They ended up coming home a bit late that night, and Elsa spent the Saturday painting.

I was thrilled! Painting was a good way to get simoleons. Hopefully we could rack them up fast. We are dirt poor, I’ll shamefully admit. It’s the new renovation of our house. We’re trying to make a kid’s room, so that they won’t have to sleep in our bedroom. However, the walls and tiling the walls cost a lot of money. We could only afford two beds for the kids.

We’re in a rough spot at the moment, because of it, but I hope things will look up for us soon. There’s going to be a prom soon, and all the kids are going to go, as the five are going to become teens the night before it. I’m excited to help the girls pick out their outfits! I hope they’ll like what I choose.

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