1.7 – The End of An Era

While Elsa took up painting, the other kids took up other hobbies. Eric ended up taking up chess, Anna took up guitar, Alana was mostly doing who-knows-what on the computer, and I didn’t know what Hans was up to. Since he became a teen, he was mostly singing to himself a lot. He seemed more pleased with himself and kind of egotistic. Aurora was just her sleepy self.

Hans was gifted a motorcycle for his birthday. We weren’t sure where he got it from, but he said it was from the watcher, said that she believed it would fit him. We didn’t get it or understand why he was saying that he could hear our watcher, but we decided to just believe him. Hopefully he’s telling the truth.

Today was actually a very special day. Today, me and Elbert were getting older.

As I started my midlife crisis, I decided to get a hair cut, and…

I didn’t want to be an older woman with an old man as my husband. I didn’t want to see what I will be when I’m older.

The kids must have heard, because they were all upset… and Anna and Eric… well…

Hans ended up misbehaving too, taking his anger out on Elsa.

The doctors said it was the heartbreak that killed him. He died not long after I left the room.

Rest In Peace
Elbert Clearwater

Father, (Ex-) Husband, and Military Man

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