Ghost Guide

Grey ghost – Caused by natural death as an elder.
Light blue ghost – caused by drowning in a body of water.
Purple ghost – caused by starving
Yellow ghost – Electrocuted while trying to fix an electronic OR struck by lightning.
Orange ghost – burned to death in a house fire, grill fire, or oven fire.
Tan ghost – unknown causes
Red ghost – heart attack, heart failure, heart disease, and death by thirst in vampires
Grey & orange foggy ghost – unknown causes
Dark blue ghost – unknown causes
See-through ghost – unknown causes, may have to do with feeling invisible at death
Gold ghost – unknown causes
Dark green ghost – unknown causes, but only happens in witches? Reason why is still unclear
Purple ghost – poison and poison-related deaths (like being stabbed with a sword with a tip that was dipped in poison)
Icy blue ghost – Freezing, hypothermia, severe cold
Maroon red ghost – unknown causes
Light green ghost – unknown causes
Blue and purple ghost – shark attacks
Turquoise ghost – unknown causes
Glowing yellow ghost – unknown causes
Flickering ghost – unknown causes, may be paranormal causes
Light blue staticky ghost – unknown causes, maybe was caused by being sucked into the tv by paranormal means?
Red & orange ghost – unknown causes

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