1.8 – Prom

I was so proud of my kids. They were going to prom! They all had unique outfits, and Hans looked a bit like a pirate, but it was wonderful! I was excited to find out how it went!

It turns out that Eric’s prom experience was uneventful, and that the only thing that happened for him, was his crush avoiding him. He wasn’t pleased to tell me that Hans won Prom King, and when I asked why, Eric explained that Hans had the votes rigged. I wasn’t pleased at all to hear that.

Hans got in a fight with three students, one for drenching his friend in punch. I‘m glad he defended his friend, but not for fighting. He also ended up being romantic interests with a girl named Candy Ashleydale.

Alana, however, despite breaking the backdrop while chasing her crush, getting ignored and rejected by her crush, and getting in a fight with another student, she ended up being Prom Queen. She was very pleased, but upset that she didn’t have a romantic interest.

Aurora ended up becoming romantic interests with a boy named Jasper, and getting rejected by her crush.

Elsa ended up becoming romantic interests with this boy named Davy Linnell, and her crush got away while she had chased them.

Anna got a drink thrown to her face, got challenged to a fight and won, and then became romantic interests with this boy named Sam Sekemoto.

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