2.4 – TV Troubles and Elder Romances

~Hans’ P.O.V.~

DD took up painting, when he became a teen. It was interesting, having my oldest child’s paintings on our walls, but it made him happy. When I worked late nights, DD took up the cooking. He usually had left over dinner for me in the fridge, and stayed up late waiting for me, while his siblings were all asleep. He was a wonderful kid, and extremely helpful. I knew I could count on him to keep things afloat while I was away.

When I got home a few nights ago, TT was in a T-shirt and underwear, browsing the web. I wasn’t sure why, but she informed me it was for a school project, so I let her be. If it was for a school project, I didn’t mind. I hope she got an A.

I had somehow fallen for a much older woman, named Ayesha Ansari. I know she’ll probably pass away soon, but I am going to kiss her at least. I spent a lot of time over the next few months with her, and I was very upset when she passed away.

In other news, DD started playing the guitar, and learning how to. I hoped he’d do well. He wanted to be a painter, guitar player, AND a chef once he was a young adult. I really hoped he’d achieve his dreams.

I decided to send TT, MoMo, and LaLa away to Smuggleworth’s Prep School. I’m sure they’d do well. Not a lot happened when they were away, or before they left. However, MoMo and LaLa did grow up before they left.

I did notice my sister Elsa skating, when I went to the park to go look for… ahem… victims for my LTW, which is Zombie Maker, by the way.

This is the first person I turned into a zombie. The watcher didn’t care to film the rest, so ignore that.

I ended up going to my sibling’s house to go fix their TV. These two are my nieces, and while I can’t recall their names, they obviously are both girls and have my mother’s hair.

While I was there, though, I found out Anna was expecting and listened, while Alana was freaking out about their broken TV.

I fixed their TV, before I was forced to leave, which was fine with me. A few of my kids are growing up tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “2.4 – TV Troubles and Elder Romances

    • Yep… Snob, Evil, Diva, Schmoozer, and Brave… It does make since that he’d be distant with his kids. Yeah! I was surprised about that. Some of the kids had off traits. TT shared Evil and Snob with her dad, and LaLa and Claire didn’t have any good traits, really… but DD was both Artistic AND a Natural Cook! He probably ended up the best with traits. The kids certainly did support each other. I figured DD especially would, being the oldest.


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