3.1 – Step Into Reality

Claire was defeated. She was not going to leave the house, unfortunately. Her dad wanted her to be his heir, and being heir meant dealing with all the ghosts… sure, they were the ghosts of her grandparents, but still… they were ghosts nonetheless, and because she was a coward, she fainted at the sight of them.

Staying DID have its perks, though… she could stay at home with Thea and also her dad, and when she finally decided to have kids, they could take care of her kid while she was at work.

She could also easily access all of her father’s money, and it, and her childhood home, was hers… once he passed, of course. For now, though… she didn’t have much.

She passed time by looking at the stars through the telescope, or going to the gym with Thea. Having a “girls day out”, you could say.

It was worth it, really. Claire was in the criminal career, while Thea was in the military career. It was good for them to go out and stay fit, going to the gym. Plus, of course, using the telescope helped too.

So, she continued to go to the gym with Thea. It was a breath of relief, honestly. She could lose herself in the repetitive motions of listening to music and running on the treadmill. Getting more fit. Being more than ready to fight other people… and help her with her job. Plus, she could get money if she could find stars, which was important, as her family wasn’t exactly rich.

Being from her dad, a man who slept around, she knew she wanted to be a loyal woman. Loyal to whoever her husband or wife was going to be. Claire wasn’t picky. She just wanted her dad off her back about giving him grandkids. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she’d already met the one she wanted.

The only issue, was that she wasn’t on good terms with them at the moment. She didn’t even know what type of person they liked. Or… perhaps they liked the occult, considering their heritage. Either way, she’d try her best to seem willing and okay with being with them. The difficult part was asking.

She knew it was going to be awkward. They grew up together, after all. She just hoped Thea felt the same way.

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