4.1 – Eclipsa

~Eclipsa’s P.O.V.~

My name is Eclipsa. I am one of five children. I have a twin named Meteora, and an older sister named Star, as well as two younger sisters, twins, named Jackie and Moon. Jackie, Moon and I are now the heiresses of my great-grandmother’s legacy. My mother’s dad’s mom’s legacy. She was my mother’s grandmother, so she is my great-grandmother.

I sighed, leaning back in the chair, deciding to give my fingers a rest from all the typing I’ve been doing.

My great-grandmother’s legacy… We’ve heard about it often as kids. My mother’s grandmother had moved to this town, Sunset Valley with our great-aunt Alana, who was only a toddler at the time, to start a new life. Of course, Alana and my grandfather, Hans, have since passed away, but their siblings were still here. We didn’t see them often, but when we did, we didn’t have anything in common.

When my mother decided to make Jackie, Moon and I the heiresses, I thought she out of her mind. I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life, and my insane, vegetarian younger sister, Moon, and her twin, performance artist, chess player, painter extraordinaire, Jackie, did. Sure, I had written a book, but that wasn’t something I wanted to do forever.

Moon, on the other hand, was most likely going to go into the police force, and Jackie? Well, she could go into pretty much anything. She had plenty of options. The music industry, the science center, even the art industry would be easy for her to make it big in. Even though, I suspected she’d be a song writer and singer. That seemed like something she’d like to do.

I groaned, and started typing again, trying to just write out my thoughts.

My twin sister, Meteora, keeps asking our parents to let her have a pet. I don’t understand why she wants one, but she does. Mom told her that they would think about it for a Christmas present next year.

I didn’t get it. Sure, my sister was as much of a genius as Jackie was, but she was also just as evil as I was, plus she was a coward. Why would she like animals? Especially horses. Those things are big, and hard to take care of. They could probably crush you under their feet too, if they wanted to.

Of course, I never told my sister this. As much as I’d love to tell her, I didn’t want to get in trouble. Not that it really mattered. Us teens got in trouble all the time.

I sighed, and got up, before going to the mirror and looking at my hair. I sighed, I should really cut it. I thought to myself. I smirked, and went to the kitchen, getting a pair of scissors, before going back to the mirror and cutting my hair.

I liked it. It looked nice and short. Much more manageable and easier to take care off, plus my hair wouldn’t get in my face. I smiled, and walked to the dresser, deciding to change my clothes as well. I think this would be much easier for me.

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