4.4 – (Young) Adulthood

~Eclipsa’s P.O.V.~

Another few months go by, and Star celebrates her 21st birthday. Her birthday into young adulthood. I’m playing the guitar for the family. I’ve been practicing a song for a while. I’m nervous about showing it, but I do well enough.

My older sister grows up and smiles, before taking a slice of cake. So does everyone else. I’m too afraid to do so, so I keep strumming. Only a few more years…

Years pass, and we have moved… finally. The small house was demolished and we use the money to move and build a new house. A better one. Two stories, and plenty of space. We managed to convince our moms to let us have a chemistry set. I’m thrilled.

I love the chemistry set. I use it a lot, but I never get anywhere. I get accidents, and having to take showers, but that’s about it. No potions, unfortunately.

Moon’s changed her look a lot, but this is her current look. She looks like a goth, I guess… or an emo.

My twin and I finally had our young adult birthdays. Meteora moved out with Star shortly after, so now I’m just waiting for Moon and Jackie to become young adults, so that I can finally go to university. My parents are only letting me go with my two heiress-partners, I guess… so I can’t go until they’re young adults, as you can’t go to university as a teen. I hope it won’t take long.

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