4.5 – Finally

~Moon’s P.O.V.~

“Navine, stay away from my family. Today is mine and Jackie’s birthday, and I will NOT have you ruining it,” I snarled, gripping the small yellow creature in my hand.

Navine squeaked in alarm, and quietly nodded. I huffed, and let go of her, before stomping out of the bathroom.

She was there, playing the guitar. My twin sister. Oh, did I despise her. She was pretty, and perfect. I won’t be surprised if she became even more perfect today.

I walked past her, and quietly slipped into the kitchen, where my family was waiting by the two birthday cakes. I sighed, and waited for her to come over, before we blew out the candles together. Not long afterwards, we went out to dye our highlights again. I chose my favorite color, hot pink, while she chose blue highlights and ends.

She looked the same, but I looked a bit different with the new color and hairstyle. I preferred it, actually. I thought I looked rather nice. Hot pink paired perfectly with my natural black hair.

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