4.6 – Nerves

~Jackie’s P.O.V.~

I was nervous. I laid awake that night, nervous about leaving home. Away from my moms, and only with two of my older siblings to keep me company. I glanced at Moon’s bed, across from mine.

She was sleeping comfortably, in her bed. She wasn’t cold at night, so she just laid on top of her bed, in her everyday clothes. My twin was weird. She did look quite peaceful however. I wondered how she did it. How she could sleep, when tomorrow morning we’d leave home for even more school. A harder, tougher school to pass. I didn’t want to think about it, but I had no choice. We were going. We had no choice.

I took out my sketchbook that I hid under my bed and started drawing. My mothers’ said that it was likely we’d all find someone at University. I was nervous about that. I wanted a lot of kids, at least five, so that was going to be difficult. Finding someone who wanted the same was probably going to be difficult.

We had all taken a test in the afternoon to find out what majors would suit us. Eclipsa signed up for the Communications major, Moon signed up for the Science and Medicine major, and I signed up for the Fine Arts major. I was nervous to think about everything that could happen. I ended up falling asleep, lost in my thoughts.

Like my moms’ had said, we left the next morning.

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