4.7 – University Begins!

~Eclipsa’s P.O.V.~

Yesterday was a very interesting day. Yesterday, we were taken on a tour of the campus and we were allowed to meet some of the new students. We have some roommates, too. Not that we don’t mind. It’s a good opportunity for us to meet new people, which is good considering that we’re new.

We have the weirdest roommates. We have a fairy as a roommate. Her name is Cherubi Kanto. There’s also two berries. A purple berry male and a green berry male. We don’t know their names yet, so we’re calling them Mr. Purple and Mr. Green at the moment. We don’t think they mind.

We also had a fire. Someone left something on the stove to cook. Don’t worry! Everyone made it out alive, but we did have to pay for the stove to be replaced. That was annoying.

I sighed. That was an interesting day. A fire, and we’re living with berries AND a fairy? It was weird… but, we lived with our moms’, one of which was an elf, and 2 other sisters. Not that bad. … Well… two other sister and one half-sister that everyone ignored, but as all three of those sisters have left, she’s not too important now.

Cherubi was a bit interesting. She was a seventh generation child. How her family line has lasted seven generations, we weren’t sure… but she seemed quite pleased to be away from her family.

“Two of my brothers were chosen as heirs, instead of me. Not that I cared. I was glad to be out of that house. Too many people, really. Too much chaos. I was one of seven children,” She explained to me.

I smiled and nodded, “I’m one of five. I have a twin named Meteora, and twin younger siblings, and an older sister. No boys. Just us five girls.”

“Lucky. You had no stinky boys in your house.” She made a face, “I was stuck with 3 brothers and 3 sisters. It was annoying. At least I was the oldest.”

“That’s cool. Did you boss around your younger siblings?” I asked, glancing at her.

She smirked, “Of course I did! Why wouldn’t I have? It was fun too!”

“True,” I laughed.

She hummed, “You said you want to be a writer?”

“That’s part of what I want. I’m going to be a journalist as well. Writer being more of a side job, you know?” I asked.

She nodded, “That makes sense. You don’t know if your writing career will take off. I’m probably going to do something similar. I want to be a blogger, but I guess a steady source of income wouldn’t be too bad.”

“No, it probably wouldn’t. It would probably be a smart decision,” I smiled.

“You know, we’ve spent some good time together. I think there might be something here. What do you think?” I asked, biting my lip nervously

“I think there’s something here too.”

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