5.2 – The First Night

We were told that we could just hang around for the first day. Figure out where everything was and get to know each other. I just sat down and played chess, and at some point Bill joined me.

He grinned, “So, where are you from?”

“Sunset Valley. My mom is from there, and so was her moms and her mom’s dad, and his dad.” I glanced at him, moving a piece, “You?

He nodded and moved a piece, “I don’t want to talk about it. It doesn’t really matter anyway. The place doesn’t exist anymore.”

“Oh. I’m so sor-“ “-I said, it doesn’t matter. It’s gone,” He looked at me, looking annoyed.

I sighed, and moved my next piece, “Fine. So, triplets, I assume?”

“Twins. Kill’s older,” He sighed, and moved a piece, “and Will and I… are pretty much completely different.”

I smiled, “I doubt you’re completely different.”

“Will’s scared and shy about pretty much EVERYTHING. Me? I’m not scared of anything and absolutely fine with anything. Will’s nervous, I’m confident. Will’s good, I’m bad. He’s sane, I’m not. I could go on and on,” He moved another piece, grinning at me.

I sighed, and moved my next piece, “Well, I’m a triplet. Me, Mia and Mabuka. My older sisters are triplets too, and then my cousins are both twins. I guess multiples run in our family.”

“Not surprising.” He shrugged, “One of your mom’s is a twin, and her grandfather’s a quintuplet.”

I froze, “How… do you know that?”

“I know plenty,” He responded, moving his next piece.

I sighed and moved my next piece, “Doubt it. Nobody knows everything.”

“Well, I do.” He snorted, and moved his next piece grinning, “Checkmate!”

“Oh, come on!” I groaned, and leaned back.

He laughed, “Should’ve decided to play chess with anyone BUT me. I am the chess master.”

“Okay, “Chess Master”, want to play another round?” I grinned at him.

He smirked, “You’re on.”

It was around 10 PM. “Time for lights to be out,” the teachers said. I grumbled, quietly sitting on my bed, glancing at Tom as he set up candles around the room, and putting fire in them.

“So… where are you from?” I looked at him.

He glanced at me, before sitting down on his bed, “Hell.”

“Wait, seriously?” I asked.

He sighed, and nodded, “Yeah.”

“Oh. Interesting. I’m from Sunset Valley,” I hummed, “I’m one of six kids, the second youngest. You?”

“Only child,” He grinned.

I nodded, “Lucky.”

“I guess,” He sighed, and laid down on his bed.

I frowned, and picked up a box with chess pieces in it, and started setting them up on my bed and playing chess by myself, “Why do you not think its lucky to be an only child?”

“Well, when you’re the cro-“ He stopped and bit his lip, “Never mind. Not important.” He got up and went to the dresser, where there was a rabbit in a cage, a very pink rabbit, before he took a small bag of carrots out of his pocket and opened it, before opening the gate to the cage and starting to feed the rabbit.

“If you say so…” I bit my lip, watching him, feeling a bit suspicious about what he was going to say. It was obvious to me now that he was hiding something. What it was he was hiding though… I wasn’t sure. I hummed, “So… you have a rabbit farm down there?”

“No, just this fluffy rabbit. He’s my only animal,” He sighed.

I nodded, “We never had animals. Maybe we will at some point, just not now.”

“Well… anything you want to talk about?” He looked at me, sitting back down on his bed after finishing giving the rabbit carrots and closing and locking the door to the cage.

I hummed, “Well… How do you know Bill?”

“He’s a friend of mine. We’ve been friends for a few years,” He smiled.

I nodded, “Anyone else you know here?”

“Just him, Will, Kill and Star. More so him and Star,” He hummed.

I nodded, “I just know my siblings and cousins.”

“Makes sense. Only reason I know Star is cause we’re both-“ He stopped and sighed, “Never mind.”

“Only reason you know Star is cause you’re both what?” I looked at him.

He groaned, “None of your business. I’m not telling a stranger.”

“Fine.” I snapped, “You can keep your secrets, but I’ll find them out eventually.”

He sighed, “We’ll see…”

“Yes, we’ll see,” I growled, before huffing, laying down under the blankets and turning away from him.

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