5.7 – Surprises

‘Hi.’ Will smiled at me anxiously, ‘I’m glad you’re okay.’

I smiled and nodded, “I’m glad I’m fine. I shouldn’t have tried to apologize to your brother. He was already angry. I should’ve waited.”

Will covered his mouth, before looking at me, I was assuming he was laughing, ‘No, you shouldn’t have, but what’s done is done. At least you’re fine. I forgive you, by the way. You didn’t know.’

“I’m glad you forgive me,” I smiled.

He nodded and quietly sat on the foot of the bed. I thought of something and smirked, moving to put the thought into action, hoping to catch him off guard… and caught him off guard I did.


He blushed, looking down at me, before quickly getting off of me, and shallowing, ‘No…’

I frowned and sat up, “No what?”

‘Not again… not going to fall for some human’s games…’ He looked at me, scared.

“What? I’m not playing games. I honestly like you,” I looked at him.

He bit his tongue and shook his head, ‘You lie… I know you’re lying… you can’t honestly like me…’

“I do like you,” I frowned, sitting up.

He swallowed, “I don’t believe you.”

I huffed and walked over to him and kissed him, deciding to prove him wrong.

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