5.8 – Resentment

“Well?” I looked at him.

Will coughed and looked down, ‘This won’t work.’

“What? I don’t seen anything wrong with this. I’m not even a human, remember? I’m a fairy, and part elf, and who knows what else,” I smiled.

Bill glared at me from the doorway, “Fairy, elf, witch, and that’s about it, I think.”

Will paled, looking at him, “Bill…”

“I’m not talking to you,” Bill growled, looking at me.

I sighed, “Why are you mad? I didn’t do nothing.”

“Sure… other than going mouth to mouth with my twin,” Bill snarled.

I huffed, “Why are you so defensive? Who cares? We like each other. Deal with it.”

“You don’t even know him!” Bill shouted at me.

I groaned, “Whatever! I can like him!”

“Fine,” Bill huffed, walking off.

I sighed and looked at Will, confused, “What’s his deal?”

‘I… have an idea, but I don’t want to say anything unless I’m wrong,’ He looked at me.

I nodded, “That’s fair.”

~Tom’s P.O.V.~

That night…

“Look, I’ll try to talk to Clara, but I’m not promising you that I can stop them,” I looked at him, annoyed.

He nodded, and quietly hummed, “Fine. She doesn’t know nothing.”

“You are way too defense about him,” I gave him a look.

He laughed, “Says you.”

“She just doesn’t understand it yet.” I grumbled, “I have good intentions, I swear.”

He snorted, “Good intentions that involve almost killing her best friend?”

“Well, I have a temper. You know this. I just got angry,” I tried to defend myself.

He gave me a look, “Sure… whatever you say, Princey.”

“Don’t call me that!” I groaned.

He grinned, “I can call you whatever I want, Thomas.”

“No, you can’t, and I hate it when you use my full name,” I huffed.

He snorted, “What are you going to do if I do? Fight me? You know I’m stronger than you.”

“I could stop being your friend and paying for your house bills,” I grinned.

He groaned, “I’m not getting a job, because I can’t leave Will alone, and Kill can’t get a job, because he sucks.”

“Fine. You still getting him a dog at some point?” I asked.

He nodded, “A corgi, maybe. Still thinking about the breed. Not a big dog, those scare him.”

“A corgi would be fine. You could just get him a rabbit. My rabbit helps me,” I smiled.

He laughed, “What? A rabbit? Nah. A corgi would suit him more.”

“Suit yourself,” I sighed.

He nodded, “I got to go make sure Will’s fine. See ya in the morning.”

“Alright. See you in the morning.”

Blooper, because I’m amused…


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