5.10 – Home

As soon as I get home, I watch my mom get sprayed with water.

Three of the boys moved in with us. Will, Bill and Tom.

I spot Mom and Bill arguing and I sigh when Mom talks to me later.

“If that’s your boyfriend, I hate him,” She tells me.

I groan, “Mom, my boyfriend is mute. That’s his twin.”

“How do you end up with a mute boyfriend? Well, at least it’s not him. He’s a brat,” She huffs, walking away.

At least Mom gets along with Tom. Not that it matters. I think my boy is scared of Mom for some reason. I don’t get it.

Turns out there was a prom coming up not long after we got back home, so we went. None of us won prom king/queen, but at least we had fun. I’m glad that we both became offical.

Of course, I aged up not much longer, and the house is to the four of us now. Turns out I have freckles. I think it looks nice. I’m a proper lady now.

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