5.11 – Best Birthday Ever

These two weirdos are finally engaged. I’m happy for them. Will told me it was about time.

“Mmmm, happy birthday to me!” I giggled, pulling away, looking at his blushing face.

He bit his lip, before looking down, chewing the inside of his lip.

I frowned, “Something wrong?”

‘No… just… nervous about this… I talked to your moms, and they’re fine with it, but… I’m still anxious…’ He glanced at me.

I swallowed, “Anxious? Why? What for?”

… best birthday ever.

… and it turns out that Bill got Tom a horse. Her name is Vanilla and she’s a sweet horse. He plans to go into horse racing, so that worked out. He was ecstatic about it. Will was nervous around the horse, but I’m sure he’ll warm up to her eventually.

Of course, SOMEONE had to do the whole, “you hurt my brother I’ll kill you thing”, and I honestly don’t doubt that he’s telling the truth, even though it ruined my mood.’

I don’t want to be annoying, but I’d love comments. XD

AND, these two are adorbs. I’m pretty nervous about stuff that’s going to happen…

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