5.12 – Announcement

A few weeks later, I glance at Will as I go out, “You sure you don’t want me at your party?”

‘I’m sure. Can we talk afterwards? I have something to tell you,’ He looks at me.

I smiled, “I have something to tell you too. It’s pretty important too.”

‘Okay,’ He watches me as I leave.

When I got back, Will was talking to some guy, and I had to cover my mouth to not laugh at the fact that my brother-in-law had passed out behind the couches, in front of the bookshelf.

I laugh, before walking over to my fiance and hugging him, “Hi!”

‘Hey,’ He smiled.

I grinned and grabbed his hands, “Well… I’ll just say it. We’re going to have a new addition soon.”

‘Oh.’ He gave me a really sad look.

“What? Something wrong?” I frowned.

He bit his lip, ‘No… just… I should explain my past to you.’

“Alright,” I smiled, already curious.

He swallowed and looked at me, ‘Well…’

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