5.13 – Will’s Past

Warning: Possible mention of rape, torture, enslavement, and other horrific things.


“I’m sorry…”

We got married.

I finally got along a bit with Vanilla…

… and then Yoda was born.

Sorry for the troll thing… I didn’t feel comfortable with writing that stuff… Just writing Will’s P.O.V. for 5.6 was difficult… Sorry.

In canon*, Bill comes from the 2nd dimension, and as he describes it in the last episode… “A flat world, with flat dreams”

Will is an AU version of him, it’s an AU called Reverse Falls. Kill also an AU version, but it’s Fight Falls.

Anyway, enough about Kill. This about the cinnabun. So, as it’s an AU, there is no canon, much, but usually he was a slave in that world, for the Gleefuls, and was enslaved and…. uh… tortured, punished… raped… other horrific things… so yeah… Didn’t want to really write about it… 😢 Sorry.

*If you’re wondering from what, Gravity Falls. Tom and Star are from Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, William, Sel and Bree are from a book called Legendborn, and… I think that’s everybody… yep. That’s everyone. Alright. Uh… bye. Next up, kiddos! Yay!

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