1.9 – The Passing of Time

There was an odd ghost appearance last night. We believe it was Elbert, but we didn’t get to talk. All he really did was eat some Mac and cheese.

The children and I all aged up today. I decided that Hans was going to be my heir.

“You know, you’re going to be the heir. You’re going to stay here, get a wife, and then have kiddos. Got it?” I looked at him.

Hans made a face, and looked at his waffles, “I don’t want a romance life, Ma. No offense, but you’d probably be better choosing Eric.”

“Sweetheart, we both know Eric doesn’t like kids now,” I pointed out.

Hans groaned, “Why me? Why can’t it be one of my siblings?”

“Because you need something to have as your legacy. You know this. You can’t just make potions all day long, and don’t think I hadn’t noticed.”

Once Hans became a young adult, he decided he was going to be a Master Potion Maker, and he got an alchemy station.

I was worried about him, but I knew I didn’t have much time left.

~Hans’ P.O.V.~

I was at work when it happened. Mom was alone in the house, and I felt horrible about it. Seeing her grave, after coming home, I decided that I WAS going to honor my mom’s wishes. I would find a girl and have plenty of children with her. I’m sure 8 would suffice.

Rest in Peace
Rose Ann Clearwater

Mother, Wife, and Military Woman

Alana Clearwater
Schmoozer, Absent-Minded, Loves the Cold, Adventurous, and Avant Grade
Elsa Clearwater
Artistic, Loves the Cold, Neurotic, Gatherer, Rebellious
Anna Clearwater
Excitable, Virtuoso, Can’t Stand Art, Ambitious, Perceptive
Eric Clearwater
Brave, Genius, Mooch, Dislikes Children, Eco-Friendly
Hans Clearwater
Evil, Snob, Brave, Diva, Schmoozer
Aurora Clearwater
Couch Potato, Heavy Sleeper, Hot-Headed, Bookworm, Evil

1.8 – Prom

I was so proud of my kids. They were going to prom! They all had unique outfits, and Hans looked a bit like a pirate, but it was wonderful! I was excited to find out how it went!

It turns out that Eric’s prom experience was uneventful, and that the only thing that happened for him, was his crush avoiding him. He wasn’t pleased to tell me that Hans won Prom King, and when I asked why, Eric explained that Hans had the votes rigged. I wasn’t pleased at all to hear that.

Hans got in a fight with three students, one for drenching his friend in punch. I‘m glad he defended his friend, but not for fighting. He also ended up being romantic interests with a girl named Candy Ashleydale.

Alana, however, despite breaking the backdrop while chasing her crush, getting ignored and rejected by her crush, and getting in a fight with another student, she ended up being Prom Queen. She was very pleased, but upset that she didn’t have a romantic interest.

Aurora ended up becoming romantic interests with a boy named Jasper, and getting rejected by her crush.

Elsa ended up becoming romantic interests with this boy named Davy Linnell, and her crush got away while she had chased them.

Anna got a drink thrown to her face, got challenged to a fight and won, and then became romantic interests with this boy named Sam Sekemoto.

1.7 – The End of An Era

While Elsa took up painting, the other kids took up other hobbies. Eric ended up taking up chess, Anna took up guitar, Alana was mostly doing who-knows-what on the computer, and I didn’t know what Hans was up to. Since he became a teen, he was mostly singing to himself a lot. He seemed more pleased with himself and kind of egotistic. Aurora was just her sleepy self.

Hans was gifted a motorcycle for his birthday. We weren’t sure where he got it from, but he said it was from the watcher, said that she believed it would fit him. We didn’t get it or understand why he was saying that he could hear our watcher, but we decided to just believe him. Hopefully he’s telling the truth.

Today was actually a very special day. Today, me and Elbert were getting older.

As I started my midlife crisis, I decided to get a hair cut, and…

I didn’t want to be an older woman with an old man as my husband. I didn’t want to see what I will be when I’m older.

The kids must have heard, because they were all upset… and Anna and Eric… well…

Hans ended up misbehaving too, taking his anger out on Elsa.

The doctors said it was the heartbreak that killed him. He died not long after I left the room.

Rest In Peace
Elbert Clearwater

Father, (Ex-) Husband, and Military Man

1.6 – Growing Up Fast

The tots were now kids. Alana was a teenager. It’s been busy. I really enjoyed it once the kids were going to school. Alana was getting straight A’s, as I knew she would, some of them where getting B’s, and unfortunately one of them was in the C’s. I was relieved when Alana came out to us as straight. However, there were other problems for us to deal with, as I overheard one day while I was in the kitchen.

“How dare you try to mess with the sink?!” Elbert shouted at Hans, late one night.

Hans looked upset that he was caught, but didn’t say anything.

“Why, I have half a mind to… to… augh!” Elbert shouted and stormed to our bedroom, slamming the door behind him, making me jump.

We had other problems that night. It was a full moon. I didn’t understand what was happening to Anna and Eric, but it was terrifying. Not knowing what to do, we locked them both in their room.

Anna and Eric had a headache the morning after. Neither of them remembered what happened the night before, but the rest of us definitely did. I decided to let them stay home from school. They seemed quite pleased with that. I didn’t mind. It let me spend more time with them. The next day, they did go back to school, however.

It was nice, really. The house was quiet, and I was alone. Nobody else was there. I felt good about this, and waited quietly for the kids to return, as well as Elbert, while I watched TV.

Eric, Anna, and Elsa decided to stay at school for a bit longer to finish their work. I didn’t mind at all, honestly. As long as they did their work somehow. They ended up coming home a bit late that night, and Elsa spent the Saturday painting.

I was thrilled! Painting was a good way to get simoleons. Hopefully we could rack them up fast. We are dirt poor, I’ll shamefully admit. It’s the new renovation of our house. We’re trying to make a kid’s room, so that they won’t have to sleep in our bedroom. However, the walls and tiling the walls cost a lot of money. We could only afford two beds for the kids.

We’re in a rough spot at the moment, because of it, but I hope things will look up for us soon. There’s going to be a prom soon, and all the kids are going to go, as the five are going to become teens the night before it. I’m excited to help the girls pick out their outfits! I hope they’ll like what I choose.

1.5 – Tots Galore!

I sighed, and watched the toddlers crawl into the living room. There were so many of them! Five, in fact… I frowned, Well… no more kids. That’s for sure. I thought to myself. We decided to name them Hans, Elsa, Anna, Eric, and Aurora. It was going to be quite difficult to tell the boys apart, and Elsa and Aurora. Eric and Hans looked pretty much identical, and so did Elsa and Aurora. Anna had her dad’s skin color, so we could easily tell her apart from the other two girls. Aurora had a weird skin tone, but it was different than Elsa’s.

Anna looked really happy with her lochness monster toy. She called it Nessy and took it everywhere she crawled.

Something was a little off about the five tots, though. Elsa has wings, Aurora had an odd skin color, Anna and Eric had glowing eyes, and they howled at times when they were on the floor. Especially at night. They woke up the other kids with their howling. It was so weird. Maybe something to do with the fact that they were born on the full moon? I don’t know. Hans was the only one without any odd qualities, although his toys did seem to disappear in mid-air from time to time…

Aurora had my eye and hair color, making her unique from her siblings. The only one with my eye color. Anna and Elsa had my hair color, but they had their daddy’s eye color. The boys had both their dad’s eye and hair color.

It was definitely difficult, trying to get them to walk, talk, and learn to use the potty. We ended up not making them, and just forgetting about it.

It was the weirdest thing, though. As the months passed by, it was getting close to their birthdays. Alana seemed to be talking to, and hugging, midair. It was strange. The five ended up getting this weird dolls in the mail, like Alana did when she was born. Their glowing antenna-circle-ball-thing freaked me out, but it kept the kids happy, so I didn’t get rid of them, even if I wanted to. Not that it mattered that much, anyway. It was getting close to all the kiddos birthdays though. Alana was going to be a teenager! Oh god…

1.4 – Baby!

~Rose Ann’s P.O.V.~

“So… I have something to tell you!” I smiled at Elbert, “We’re going to need lots of little red shoes soon!”

Elbert took a deep breath for a moment.

“Well, that’s just a load of garbage!” He shouted at me.

“Hey!” I exclaimed, starting to get angry, “It is not garbage! You are going to be a good father, and you will not use that tone in front of the children!”

It didn’t really do much. We fought a lot for the rest of the months.

Oh, god… how are we going to handle this?!

Hahaha! I don’t know, Rose Ann, but it’s exhausting.
All five were born on a full moon. 😉
I believe they’re all Leos or Cancers as they were born in the Summer. Will get back to y’all on that.
Alana was born on a waining crescent, and she is a Pisces.

1.3 – New Arrival

~Rose Ann’s P.O.V.~

Its been a busy year, but I think I’m finally ready. I decided to ask during a date at the Summer festival.

“Elbert, I would like to ask you something,” I smiled at him.

Elbert hummed, “What is it, Rose Ann?”

“Would you like to move in with me? You don’t have to stay an alchemist. You can move in and do what you’ve always wanted to do, and you can be in politics,” I grinned.

Elbert grinned, “Of course. Your daughter has to know you have a boyfriend at some point.”

I smiled, and hugged him, before walking home with him, humming, “Alana’s a sweet girl. She does her homework, and I’m sure she’ll get straight A’s.”

“That’s good.” He smiled, “I’m glad she’s doing well in school.”

I nodded, “It is. I was thinking of getting her something for her birthday. She’s going to be a teen soon.”

“Oh?” He asked and looked at me.

I nodded and smiled, “Mhm. I’m sure she’s going to be absolutely wonderful.”

~Alana’s P.O.V.~

“So… I’m probably going to be married to your mom soon. Are you okay with that?” Elbert asked, looking in my direction.

I didn’t say anything, and kept eating my ice cream, thinking about how Mom was going to marry someone who wasn’t my dad. Although, I didn’t know who my dad was, I was curious, of course. I just needed to find time to ask her.

Later that night, I managed to get Mom to pillow fight with me, while… Elbert was off getting his dumb job in politics…

“Mom, are you sure about this guy? I don’t like him.”

“I’m sure, Alana. Don’t worry. We’re not going to do anything special. We barely have §3,000 simoleons, after all,” She smiled at me.

I groaned and hit her with the pillow, “I just think you’re making a mistake.”

“I don’t think I am.” She sighed, and that was final.

She proposed later that night, and they got married in the living room. I went to bed early that night. I wasn’t pleased.

Nor did I care about the noises I heard that night… and I don’t think Mom and Elbert cared about what happened that night either.

Mom was pissed in the morning, after she found out the painting over their bed was stolen.

… but, she also had other things to worry about.

1.2 – The Full Moon Phenomenon

A few weeks have passed, and I am excited to say that I have found the one. His name is Elbert, and I decided that since today was Alana’s birthday, he should meet her. There was one problem though…

“Look, I need to finish this elixir for work. It’ll take a few hours. Can’t you postpone it until then?” He asked, trying to whisper on the phone. I hadn’t told Alana yet. I wanted to surprise her.

I sighed, “I’ll try. She’s really excited. Just try to get here as soon as you can. She only grows up into a child once.”

“I’m aware, but work is getting in my way. I’ll try to be there. Love you, Rose Ann.”

I smiled, “Love you, Elbert.”

I put my phone away and sighed, looking at Alana on the floor. She looked excited. I just have to postpone it for a few hours… it can’t be THAT hard… can it? I thought to myself, before I helped her learn the xylophone.

It was a few hours later, and Alana was getting fussier by the hour. She REALLY wanted to grow up. Not that I blame her. Toddlerhood sucks.

I sighed, and gave in, picking her up and taking her to her cake.

“Okay, Alana! Make a wish!” I smiled at my daughter, before setting her down on the floor to grow up. She clapped her hands excitedly, happy to become a child. I watched her happily, before I realized that my shift started in an hour, and I rushed out the door.

~Alana’s P.O.V.~

I sighed, watching Mom go. She really has to miss this, does she? I though to myself, annoyed. I didn’t really care though. There was cake to eat, and Mom had money to make.

I smiled and took a slice of cake and sat down on the couch.

I turned on the tv and listened to whatever they were talking about.

Rain? Boring. Fiona McIrish stuck inside her car? Boring. Jared Frio’s secret tattoos? Still boring.

I leaned into the couch and sighed, “Nothing interesting happening today, huh? On my birthday…”

Breaking news! Reports say that there is a new, “Full Moon Phenomenon”!

I looked at the screen, confused, Full Moon Phenomenon? What does that mean?

“Alright, Lisa. Tell me what this ‘Full Moon Phenomenon is all about.”

“Of course, Jack. Recent reports have come in by couples of newborns, proclaiming that their child, born on the full moon, was turned into a supernatural by the power of the full moon. We don’t know much about it, but it is a scary thought. You’re having a child, you’re both humans, no supernatural blood in your veins or family tree, and then suddenly, when your child ends up being born on the full moon, you have a supernatural child. There has been a list put out on what supernaturals the child could be.”

After that, they showed a list of supernaturals that could happen as a result of this… Full Moon Phenomenon. Plantsim, genie, ghost (a lot of types), vampire, werewolf, witch, and fairy.

That’s a load of bull. There’s no way supernaturals could be born from human parents. Everyone knew that! You could be bitten by a werewolf or vampire and turn into those supernaturals, drink the wrong potion, or eat a forbidden fruit, or die and be brought back as a ghost by science. Everyone knew those were the only ways to become a supernatural as a human. So, for saying that supernaturals could be born by human parents, under the full moon, is a stupid thing to say.

1.1 – Home Sweet Home

“Alright, Alana! We’re home!” I exclaimed happily, setting my daughter down on the floor.

“Agooo!” Alana shouted, not quite sure where she was.

I smiled, watching her crawl around and explore, “Alright, Missy. You can stay here for a bit. I have to call a babysitter to watch you. I’m going to go see if I can get a job at the fire department.”

Alana just babbled, crawling around to explore the new house. I smiled and left once the babysitter got here. He was only a teen, but I’m sure he could handle Alana. She may be forgetful, but she was a sweet girl, even if she was a little odd, liking the cold more than warmth.

“Okay, Alana! Time for you to learn how to potty like a big girl!” I smiled at my daughter, and stepped back, letting her take her time.

It took me about 3 tries to get her to be potty trained, but it wasn’t too hard. She’s so quick to learn, even for a toddler. I thought it was going to be harder to get her to get potty trained, but nope! Alana got the hang of it quickly.
I decided that since she was easy to get to potty, we could watch some tv to pass the rest of the time. I ended up watching a romance movie, PG, of course. I didn’t want Alana to be taught bad words yet. At least, not until she was a teen.

I smiled, watching the tv, curious about what my romance life was going to end up being. I hope it was happy, and whoever I ended up with was okay with Alana. That was a must. A guy who got along well with Alana and was fine with changing diapers and taking care of her while I was away. A girl can hope.

The next day, I decided to start early on her walking. She had only a few days before becoming a child, and I was super busy with my last job, preparing to move, packing, and then driving to the new town. I was exhausted, but this was going to be worth it. I got her some form of entertainment. A xylophone and a toy box seemed good enough to start with. Not that it really mattered all that much, but I had tried my best to get them in her favorite color, Aqua. It’s funny how similar her favorite color is to mine. My favorite color is blue, if you wanted to know.

I started out with holding her hand. I knew she’d take comfort from being held on by me… even though I knew I had to let go at some point. I helped her walk for a bit, before letting go and walking a distance that I’m sure she could walk to… and she did her best, tottling along, but she did well.

I’m so excited to see what this town has in store for us, and I’m sure you are too. Hopefully, I can get Alana to walk and talk soon, but I need to sleep for now.


This is where it all began. I stared up at the house and sighed, before looking around, and then walking in. So many memories… Bad ones… and some good ones too… so much fun we had as kids… innocent and not knowing anything…

I was wondering when the house was going to be sold. After mom and dad passed, nobody knew what was going to happen. My siblings weren’t sure if they were going to stay or leave. Not after this.

You see, I wasn’t the perfect child. None of us were. Being kids, we played games and just goofed off. Some of us got into a bunch of trouble as teens. Our parents weren’t perfect either, but… that’s a story for another time. There were plenty of boxes in front of the poorly built house. I guess OUR watcher was a horrible builder. Not that it mattered too much.

Looking through the boxes, I noticed a high school diploma. I picked it up and dusted it off. It read, “Rose Ann Clearwater”. Clearwater. I suppose that was our last name, before she changed it. She had changed it after running away from home with the oldest child, Alana. We didn’t know who her father was, Mom never said, but those eyes that looked nothing like Mother’s, was clearly her mysterious dad’s.

I decided to set things right. If mom wasn’t going to let her legacy be a Clearwater, then I will. I’ll try to be the heir that my mom wasn’t… and had hoped one of her kids would be… I won’t let you down, Mom. I’ll stay in this house in Sunset Valley, that you raised us in, and I pray that this won’t fall apart.

So, that’s it for the prologue! I will be making Alana and Rose Ann Clearwater as the first sims. Alana WILL start as a toddler, and this family has no restrictions for heir, except for not being adopted children. Anyone who isn’t adopted, is fair game for heir. There will be naming themes! For this first generation, it’s going to be Disney MOVIE characters! I’m clarifying for Disney movies, not shows, because I have a few on my list that are options to do. Let’s get started! I’m so excited!