5.18 – Children

When Ben aged up, it was obvious that he looked just like me and his dad. My eyes and skin tone, and his dad’s hair.

When some of us were eating the cake, everything was quiet. I was hoping that Ben’s dad wasn’t suspicious, but I’m sure he was.

Ben seemed to spend a lot of his time playing chess on the computer. He really seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Eventually it was Azrael’s birthday, and he looked like a good combination of his parents.

This was also around the time that we sold Cream.

Of course, I decided it was time for hopefully the last child.

Yoda grew up a few months later, and he looks very handsome, in my opinion.

5.17 – Family Issues

Somehow, Yoda had figured out Ben’s actually parentage. I was absolutely denying it at every turn, not wanting his father to find out.

”Mom, come on, I won’t tell Dad, honest,” Yoda kept reassuring me.

I shook my hands, “I don’t completely trust you.”

”Mom! I won’t tell! I just want to make sure that you will tell his actual dad at some point, and Dad, and Ben,” Yoda looked up at me.

I sighed, “I’ll tell them. Probably when he’s a child.”

”Thank you, Mom…” Yoda sighed, and quietly walked upstairs.

It was a few months later, when my nephew Azrael was born. He was named after the god of death in Islam and some Jewish traditions. Obviously, he’s absolutely adorable and precious.

Yoda seems to really like to play with the dollhouse. Sometimes he’ll play with Leia, or even Ben. It makes me happy to see the kids get along well.

Of course, Ben loves his blocks more than anything. Not that there’s much for him to do at the moment.

To finish off the quiet day, I read Yoda to sleep, promising that I would tell everyone soon.

5.15 – Tots are Trouble

This is Leia. She’s the second child.

Yoda is just as adorable, of course.

… and of course, I couldn’t help myself. I blame the alcohol, because this one isn’t my husband’s… but doesn’t tell him that. He’d be heartbroken.

Leia likes running away from us when we try to put clothes on her. I don’t understand. What are we doing wrong?

My third child was born the day my young man became a child. Yoda’s pretty handsome, don’t you think?

5.13 – Will’s Past

Warning: Possible mention of rape, torture, enslavement, and other horrific things.


“I’m sorry…”

We got married.

I finally got along a bit with Vanilla…

… and then Yoda was born.

Sorry for the troll thing… I didn’t feel comfortable with writing that stuff… Just writing Will’s P.O.V. for 5.6 was difficult… Sorry.

In canon*, Bill comes from the 2nd dimension, and as he describes it in the last episode… “A flat world, with flat dreams”

Will is an AU version of him, it’s an AU called Reverse Falls. Kill also an AU version, but it’s Fight Falls.

Anyway, enough about Kill. This about the cinnabun. So, as it’s an AU, there is no canon, much, but usually he was a slave in that world, for the Gleefuls, and was enslaved and…. uh… tortured, punished… raped… other horrific things… so yeah… Didn’t want to really write about it… 😢 Sorry.

*If you’re wondering from what, Gravity Falls. Tom and Star are from Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, William, Sel and Bree are from a book called Legendborn, and… I think that’s everybody… yep. That’s everyone. Alright. Uh… bye. Next up, kiddos! Yay!

5.12 – Announcement

A few weeks later, I glance at Will as I go out, “You sure you don’t want me at your party?”

‘I’m sure. Can we talk afterwards? I have something to tell you,’ He looks at me.

I smiled, “I have something to tell you too. It’s pretty important too.”

‘Okay,’ He watches me as I leave.

When I got back, Will was talking to some guy, and I had to cover my mouth to not laugh at the fact that my brother-in-law had passed out behind the couches, in front of the bookshelf.

I laugh, before walking over to my fiance and hugging him, “Hi!”

‘Hey,’ He smiled.

I grinned and grabbed his hands, “Well… I’ll just say it. We’re going to have a new addition soon.”

‘Oh.’ He gave me a really sad look.

“What? Something wrong?” I frowned.

He bit his lip, ‘No… just… I should explain my past to you.’

“Alright,” I smiled, already curious.

He swallowed and looked at me, ‘Well…’

5.11 – Best Birthday Ever

These two weirdos are finally engaged. I’m happy for them. Will told me it was about time.

“Mmmm, happy birthday to me!” I giggled, pulling away, looking at his blushing face.

He bit his lip, before looking down, chewing the inside of his lip.

I frowned, “Something wrong?”

‘No… just… nervous about this… I talked to your moms, and they’re fine with it, but… I’m still anxious…’ He glanced at me.

I swallowed, “Anxious? Why? What for?”

… best birthday ever.

… and it turns out that Bill got Tom a horse. Her name is Vanilla and she’s a sweet horse. He plans to go into horse racing, so that worked out. He was ecstatic about it. Will was nervous around the horse, but I’m sure he’ll warm up to her eventually.

Of course, SOMEONE had to do the whole, “you hurt my brother I’ll kill you thing”, and I honestly don’t doubt that he’s telling the truth, even though it ruined my mood.’

I don’t want to be annoying, but I’d love comments. XD

AND, these two are adorbs. I’m pretty nervous about stuff that’s going to happen…

5.10 – Home

As soon as I get home, I watch my mom get sprayed with water.

Three of the boys moved in with us. Will, Bill and Tom.

I spot Mom and Bill arguing and I sigh when Mom talks to me later.

“If that’s your boyfriend, I hate him,” She tells me.

I groan, “Mom, my boyfriend is mute. That’s his twin.”

“How do you end up with a mute boyfriend? Well, at least it’s not him. He’s a brat,” She huffs, walking away.

At least Mom gets along with Tom. Not that it matters. I think my boy is scared of Mom for some reason. I don’t get it.

Turns out there was a prom coming up not long after we got back home, so we went. None of us won prom king/queen, but at least we had fun. I’m glad that we both became offical.

Of course, I aged up not much longer, and the house is to the four of us now. Turns out I have freckles. I think it looks nice. I’m a proper lady now.

5.9 – Soon to Go Home

~Clara’s P.O.V.~

I stared at the flowers, biting my lip.

Tom glanced at my bed, snorting, “Not subtle, huh?”

“Nope,” I sighed, picking up all the flowers that were on my bed.

He nodded and hummed, handing me a card, “Is this subtle?”

It was a white card and I opened it, where there was a red heart drawn in the middle of the right side. It had a small, “roses are red, violets are blue, …” sort of poem on the left side.

I snickered, “This for Star?”

“Nope, but they are blonde,” He coughed.

I snorted, “The person who’s mad at me for kissing his twin?”

“Yep…” He sighed.

I laughed, “That guy? Seriously?”

“Hey! It’s none of your business!” He shouted.

I sighed, “Fine.”

I hummed, quietly calling my mom on the phone, “The School year is almost over. I’ll be home by the end of the week. … Yeah, all of us. … Okay, Mom. I’ll be fine. … Maaaybe… … I’ll let you meet him, I promise! I’m just scared Ma will scare him. … Okay…” I sighed and ended the call.

‘So… that was your Mom, I assume?’ Will glanced at me.

I frowned, “How long have you been laying there?”

‘Not long. I’m assuming the ‘maybe’ was your mom asking if you had a boyfriend?’ He smiled.

I sighed, “Yep. Is that okay? I mean, you meeting my parents? I know we haven’t made it official, but…”

‘Do you want to be official?’ He sat up, looking at me.

I smiled, “Not if you don’t want to, but I’d like it.”

‘I… I want to…’ He swallowed, glancing away, towards the door.

I frowned, “Worried about your twin’s reaction?”

He nodded and didn’t sign anything.

I nodded, “That’s fair. I would be worried about Mia and Mabuka’s reaction, and Lucia, Fran, and Grace’s.”

‘Your sisters?’ He looked at me.

I smiled, “Yep. Mia, Mabuka and I are triplets, and so are Lucia, Fran and Grace, but they’re older than us by a year or so.”

‘Ah,’ He grinned.

I hummed, “So… if you’re meeting my parents, can I-” ‘-They’re dead,’ He bit his lip.

“What?” I frowned and looked at him.

He looked down and started shaking, and I soon realized it was because he was crying.

“I’m… so sorry…” I swallowed, not sure what to do.

He nodded, ‘Don’t be.’

“It’s almost my young adult birthday, so…” I looked at him.

He smiled, ‘Alright. I understand.’

“Thank you.”