5.11 – Best Birthday Ever

These two weirdos are finally engaged. I’m happy for them. Will told me it was about time.

“Mmmm, happy birthday to me!” I giggled, pulling away, looking at his blushing face.

He bit his lip, before looking down, chewing the inside of his lip.

I frowned, “Something wrong?”

‘No… just… nervous about this… I talked to your moms, and they’re fine with it, but… I’m still anxious…’ He glanced at me.

I swallowed, “Anxious? Why? What for?”

… best birthday ever.

… and it turns out that Bill got Tom a horse. Her name is Vanilla and she’s a sweet horse. He plans to go into horse racing, so that worked out. He was ecstatic about it. Will was nervous around the horse, but I’m sure he’ll warm up to her eventually.

Of course, SOMEONE had to do the whole, “you hurt my brother I’ll kill you thing”, and I honestly don’t doubt that he’s telling the truth, even though it ruined my mood.’

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AND, these two are adorbs. I’m pretty nervous about stuff that’s going to happen…

5.10 – Home

As soon as I get home, I watch my mom get sprayed with water.

Three of the boys moved in with us. Will, Bill and Tom.

I spot Mom and Bill arguing and I sigh when Mom talks to me later.

“If that’s your boyfriend, I hate him,” She tells me.

I groan, “Mom, my boyfriend is mute. That’s his twin.”

“How do you end up with a mute boyfriend? Well, at least it’s not him. He’s a brat,” She huffs, walking away.

At least Mom gets along with Tom. Not that it matters. I think my boy is scared of Mom for some reason. I don’t get it.

Turns out there was a prom coming up not long after we got back home, so we went. None of us won prom king/queen, but at least we had fun. I’m glad that we both became offical.

Of course, I aged up not much longer, and the house is to the four of us now. Turns out I have freckles. I think it looks nice. I’m a proper lady now.

5.8 – Resentment

“Well?” I looked at him.

Will coughed and looked down, ‘This won’t work.’

“What? I don’t seen anything wrong with this. I’m not even a human, remember? I’m a fairy, and part elf, and who knows what else,” I smiled.

Bill glared at me from the doorway, “Fairy, elf, witch, and that’s about it, I think.”

Will paled, looking at him, “Bill…”

“I’m not talking to you,” Bill growled, looking at me.

I sighed, “Why are you mad? I didn’t do nothing.”

“Sure… other than going mouth to mouth with my twin,” Bill snarled.

I huffed, “Why are you so defensive? Who cares? We like each other. Deal with it.”

“You don’t even know him!” Bill shouted at me.

I groaned, “Whatever! I can like him!”

“Fine,” Bill huffed, walking off.

I sighed and looked at Will, confused, “What’s his deal?”

‘I… have an idea, but I don’t want to say anything unless I’m wrong,’ He looked at me.

I nodded, “That’s fair.”

~Tom’s P.O.V.~

That night…

“Look, I’ll try to talk to Clara, but I’m not promising you that I can stop them,” I looked at him, annoyed.

He nodded, and quietly hummed, “Fine. She doesn’t know nothing.”

“You are way too defense about him,” I gave him a look.

He laughed, “Says you.”

“She just doesn’t understand it yet.” I grumbled, “I have good intentions, I swear.”

He snorted, “Good intentions that involve almost killing her best friend?”

“Well, I have a temper. You know this. I just got angry,” I tried to defend myself.

He gave me a look, “Sure… whatever you say, Princey.”

“Don’t call me that!” I groaned.

He grinned, “I can call you whatever I want, Thomas.”

“No, you can’t, and I hate it when you use my full name,” I huffed.

He snorted, “What are you going to do if I do? Fight me? You know I’m stronger than you.”

“I could stop being your friend and paying for your house bills,” I grinned.

He groaned, “I’m not getting a job, because I can’t leave Will alone, and Kill can’t get a job, because he sucks.”

“Fine. You still getting him a dog at some point?” I asked.

He nodded, “A corgi, maybe. Still thinking about the breed. Not a big dog, those scare him.”

“A corgi would be fine. You could just get him a rabbit. My rabbit helps me,” I smiled.

He laughed, “What? A rabbit? Nah. A corgi would suit him more.”

“Suit yourself,” I sighed.

He nodded, “I got to go make sure Will’s fine. See ya in the morning.”

“Alright. See you in the morning.”

Blooper, because I’m amused…


5.6 – Interlude – Will

A few weeks ago…
~Will’s P.O.V.~

I stared at the wall, quietly waiting for something or someone. Bill and I’s bedroom was quiet, but I could hear them yelling in the kitchen. I hated it. My brothers fought all the time. About a lot of things. About me, our parents, bills that had yet to be paid, money, my therapy… them… possibility of getting me an emotional support dog, and a plethora of other things that don’t concern me or I don’t remember. I wish I could tell them to stop… tell them it would be okay… but words don’t mean much when you can’t speak.

My older brother, Kill, just pushes me away and ignores me every time I try to communicate with him. My twin says he doesn’t understand sign language, that I should just talk to him telepathically, but I don’t want to. I’m afraid of myself and what I… what the three of us can and could do… and what we will do. Some of the worst things have come to pass. My brothers’ crimes for example. The ones they’ve already committed, anyway.

We lost everything, and now we only have each other. It’s difficult. I wish it didn’t have to be this way. I wish it was the way it was when we were kids. We were all so happy… or at least I thought we were all happy… and Mom and Dad were still alive, and I could still speak, and my brothers didn’t seem emotionless at all.

… but… that’s not now… and I should stop thinking about the past. That’s difficult to do when I just wish I could escape to the past. Sure, things are fine right now, but I miss my parents, and I really wish I could just talk to them again.

I heard the door open, just a creak, but we have heightened hearing, so it was hard to miss. I was ready to go all defensive and walled off, as I usually was now when it was Kill. We were just two different people. Then again, so are me and my twin… but at least he tries to talk to me, which is more than what I could say for Kill.

Luckily for me, it was my twin, so I relaxed and looked at him, confused.

He sighed, “Sorry about that. Killian wasn’t sure about this, but I think you should go.” He handed me an envelope, “It’s fine if you don’t want to, but both of us also got invitations, so… either all three of us go, or only Kill goes,” He gave me a look.

I nodded and quietly took the envelope and opening it, understanding. My twin wouldn’t leave me in the house alone. It’s not safe for me to be alone.

I looked at the letter surprised, reading through it, before looking at him, ‘A school? And we’re in the same classes? You sure about this?’

“I’m sure, don’t worry.” He smiled, “I looked it up thoroughly and it was a clean record, and it’s secure. There are guards in place to keep humans out.”

I nodded, still a bit concerned, but not as much as I was, ‘But they’re magic…’

“They’re still human, Will,” He gave me a look, “and I don’t understand why you’re so worried. They’re just humans.”

I shivered, deciding not to respond to that.

They’re just humans?

Sure… humans that tortured and harmed me and did unspeakable things to me and made me their slave… and they LITERALLY tore my vocal cords out of my throat for a punishment, but yeah, okay, Bill… they’re… “just humans”.

I sighed. Bill didn’t get it. He really didn’t. Then again, I shouldn’t have expected him to.

He looked at me, “Sorry, but it’s true. Against me?” He snorted, “They’re gonna be nothing.”

I smiled at that. He’s arrogant and way too confident, but it WAS true. However… I had heard rumors…

‘Is your Tree going?’ I looked at him.

He coughed, “He’s not mine, Will. I doubt he’s going. He’s human, no magic quality. Not that I know of, anyway…”

‘Still. Mine knows magic. Why doesn’t yours?’ I frowned.

He frowned, “Still stuck over Mason?”

‘No,” I shook my head.

He groaned, “If you say your Sixer I will slap you.”

I blushed and looked away, not wanting him to notice and slap me. Unfortunately, he noticed.

He huffed, “That’s the guy that caused all that.”

I bit my tongue, knowing he was going to say those two words.

“You sure you don’t have Stockholm syndrome?” He frowned.

My eyes flashed red, and I knew that, because he backed away a bit, and I swallowed, shaking my head, ‘I’m sure. Don’t say those words, please.’

“Fine. You need to be stuck over someone else,” He huffed.

I hummed, before I grinned and looked at him, ‘Like how you’re stuck over Thomas?’

He coughed, and glared at me, “I’m not stuck over Thomas.” I knew he was lying, because he was blushing.

‘Yes, you are. You’re blushing,’ I gave him a look.

He sighed and sat never to me, “Whatever. He won’t notice anyway. Guy’s too stuck over that princess. Stupid princess… of course he’s stuck over someone of his status.”

I frowned, ‘Don’t take it out on Star…’ I was well aware of all of this. He was annoyed with the princess of Mewni, because his best friend and crush was in love with her. Rather hopelessly, since she didn’t like him at all. Like, she resented him, and it went over his head somehow, orrrr, he was despite or something. I wasn’t sure. Love is a weird feeling. It certainly was to me.

He huffed, “I’ll try not to. Let’s just prepare. We’re leaving tomorrow.”

I nodded, ‘Okay…’

5.4 – Trauma

“What are you scared of, then?” Misfortune looked at him.

Bill rolled his eyes, “First of all, he’s mute. Second of all, he has PTSD. Third of all, he only trusts me and is with ONLY me at ALL times.”

“He’s not with you right now,” I pointed out.

Bill snorted, and stepped aside, “Actually, he is.”

Will stood there, and bit his lip, blushing a bit, before shaking his head, and then signing, ‘No.’

“No? No what?” Bill glanced at him.

Will frowned and shook his head, before signing again, ‘Tree is coming. Later. To study. Us.’

“Tree? Wait…” He laughed, “Yes! Pine Tree!”

Will frowned, ‘Don’t like. Reminds of Mason.’

“That’s fair. Mason’s an alternate version of him, and they look alike, and Mason… was horrible to you,” He sighed.

Will nodded, ‘Let me. Stay away. From him.’

“Fine,” He groaned.

Will smiled, ‘Don’t leave. With Kill.’

“I know not to leave you with him! He’s a jerk!” He snickered.

Will nodded, glanced at us, and waved.

“Hi…” Misfortune blushed, before biting her lip and signing, ‘Hello.’

Will beamed, and signed back, ‘You know this? How?’

Misfortune smiled, “My twin brother’s blind. He’s usually with me or with one of our cousins. We don’t leave him alone by himself.”

“Well, that’s just great…” Bill grumbled.

I huffed, “What does it matter?”

“No reason,” Bill glared at me.

I huffed, “Fine.”

Will frowned, ‘Stop.’

“Fine, I’ll stop, if bratty fairy-elf stops,” He grumbled.


Will winced, and covered his ears, before he started crying.

Bill huffed, and quietly walked over and took him into his arms, and held him, “Look what you did.”

“I didn’t do anything!” I looked at him.

Bill growled, his eyes turning red, “GET OUT.”

Misfortune swallowed and ran out of the room.

I huffed, “What did I do?”

“You made him cry. Not get out of here brat,” He snarled.

“You’re dead, elf-fairy girl.”

I sighed and glanced at Will, before leaving the room.

What the heck is his deal? I didn’t do anything.

5.3 – Eavesdropping

The next morning was rough. I made it my mission to ignore Tom as much as possible and try my best to eavesdrop on his conversations to figure out what he was hiding. For that, I recruited the help of the most perceptive person I knew. My cousin Misfortune.

She glanced at me, “You sure about this?”

“Yes, I’m sure! I’m positive he’s hiding something! I just want to know what!” I groaned.

She nodded, “Alright. I’ll try to see what’s up.”

“Thank you,” I smiled at her.

She nodded, “You’re welcome. You owe me.”

“Owe you what?” I glanced at her.

She grinned, “You owe me, a date with Will.”

“Alright, I’ll try,” I sighed.

She smiled happily, “Thank you!”

She came back a few hours later, humming.

I looked at her, “Well?”

She giggled, “Well… I won’t say anything.”

“What? Why not?!” I groaned.

She hummed, “For a good reason. He’ll tell you when he wants to.”

“Rude.” I huffed, “Then I’m not owing you a date with Will.”

She pouted, “Not fair!”

“Yes, it is! You won’t tell me, so no date with Will,” I grinned.

She huffed, “Whatever. I can get a date with him on my own.”

“Nope. No way that’s happening on my watch,” Bill walked over to us, looking annoyed.

She groaned, “Please? I won’t be mean to him!”

“That’s not what I’m afraid of.”

5.2 – The First Night

We were told that we could just hang around for the first day. Figure out where everything was and get to know each other. I just sat down and played chess, and at some point Bill joined me.

He grinned, “So, where are you from?”

“Sunset Valley. My mom is from there, and so was her moms and her mom’s dad, and his dad.” I glanced at him, moving a piece, “You?

He nodded and moved a piece, “I don’t want to talk about it. It doesn’t really matter anyway. The place doesn’t exist anymore.”

“Oh. I’m so sor-“ “-I said, it doesn’t matter. It’s gone,” He looked at me, looking annoyed.

I sighed, and moved my next piece, “Fine. So, triplets, I assume?”

“Twins. Kill’s older,” He sighed, and moved a piece, “and Will and I… are pretty much completely different.”

I smiled, “I doubt you’re completely different.”

“Will’s scared and shy about pretty much EVERYTHING. Me? I’m not scared of anything and absolutely fine with anything. Will’s nervous, I’m confident. Will’s good, I’m bad. He’s sane, I’m not. I could go on and on,” He moved another piece, grinning at me.

I sighed, and moved my next piece, “Well, I’m a triplet. Me, Mia and Mabuka. My older sisters are triplets too, and then my cousins are both twins. I guess multiples run in our family.”

“Not surprising.” He shrugged, “One of your mom’s is a twin, and her grandfather’s a quintuplet.”

I froze, “How… do you know that?”

“I know plenty,” He responded, moving his next piece.

I sighed and moved my next piece, “Doubt it. Nobody knows everything.”

“Well, I do.” He snorted, and moved his next piece grinning, “Checkmate!”

“Oh, come on!” I groaned, and leaned back.

He laughed, “Should’ve decided to play chess with anyone BUT me. I am the chess master.”

“Okay, “Chess Master”, want to play another round?” I grinned at him.

He smirked, “You’re on.”

It was around 10 PM. “Time for lights to be out,” the teachers said. I grumbled, quietly sitting on my bed, glancing at Tom as he set up candles around the room, and putting fire in them.

“So… where are you from?” I looked at him.

He glanced at me, before sitting down on his bed, “Hell.”

“Wait, seriously?” I asked.

He sighed, and nodded, “Yeah.”

“Oh. Interesting. I’m from Sunset Valley,” I hummed, “I’m one of six kids, the second youngest. You?”

“Only child,” He grinned.

I nodded, “Lucky.”

“I guess,” He sighed, and laid down on his bed.

I frowned, and picked up a box with chess pieces in it, and started setting them up on my bed and playing chess by myself, “Why do you not think its lucky to be an only child?”

“Well, when you’re the cro-“ He stopped and bit his lip, “Never mind. Not important.” He got up and went to the dresser, where there was a rabbit in a cage, a very pink rabbit, before he took a small bag of carrots out of his pocket and opened it, before opening the gate to the cage and starting to feed the rabbit.

“If you say so…” I bit my lip, watching him, feeling a bit suspicious about what he was going to say. It was obvious to me now that he was hiding something. What it was he was hiding though… I wasn’t sure. I hummed, “So… you have a rabbit farm down there?”

“No, just this fluffy rabbit. He’s my only animal,” He sighed.

I nodded, “We never had animals. Maybe we will at some point, just not now.”

“Well… anything you want to talk about?” He looked at me, sitting back down on his bed after finishing giving the rabbit carrots and closing and locking the door to the cage.

I hummed, “Well… How do you know Bill?”

“He’s a friend of mine. We’ve been friends for a few years,” He smiled.

I nodded, “Anyone else you know here?”

“Just him, Will, Kill and Star. More so him and Star,” He hummed.

I nodded, “I just know my siblings and cousins.”

“Makes sense. Only reason I know Star is cause we’re both-“ He stopped and sighed, “Never mind.”

“Only reason you know Star is cause you’re both what?” I looked at him.

He groaned, “None of your business. I’m not telling a stranger.”

“Fine.” I snapped, “You can keep your secrets, but I’ll find them out eventually.”

He sighed, “We’ll see…”

“Yes, we’ll see,” I growled, before huffing, laying down under the blankets and turning away from him.

5.1 – Arrival

~Clara’s P.O.V.~

We arrived at the school early. It was a white building, two floors. Not too bad, I thought to myself.

The bus had 19 students on it in total. Me, my triplet sisters Mia and Mabuka, my older triplet sisters Fran Bow, Grace, Lucia, my twin older cousins Misfortune and Benjamin, my other twin older cousins Shuri and T’Challa, and then some other kids. A yellow haired fairy girl, a boy with light purple skin and pink hair, lighter than our grandmother Thea’s had been, a blonde girl, a boy with yellow hair, almost gold, a boy with red hair, and a boy with light blue hair, and also an African American, a boy with black hair, and a boy with grey eyes. The bus was loud on the way there.

Shuri and T’Challa talked, Mia and Mabuka talked, Grace and Lucia talked, Misfortune and Benjamin talked, the boy with light purple skin was trying to get the blonde girl’s attention, and failing, and then the yellow haired and red haired boys talked, while the light blue haired boy looked uncomfortable. I noticed how everyone was quietly sneaking looks at the blonde and the boy trying to talk to her. Why? I wasn’t sure, but it was a little odd.

The teachers sighed, and got off the bus first, before letting us all off.

“My name is Mr. Willows. You will be put into different rooms with each other. Those of you who are family, can bunk together,” One of the teachers spoke up.

The light blue haired boy looked upset, clinging onto the yellow haired boy, scared. The red haired boy laughed, and grinned at him. I frowned, watching the interaction. T’Challa and Shuri looked almost relieved at being able to stay together. I wasn’t sure why, but I bet it was for a good reason.

“Can I have my own room?” The blonde girl asked.

Mr. Willows nodded, “Of course.”

Several other students asked as well, and were allowed to bunk together, or alone. The fairy was alone, the light blue haired and yellow haired boys were bunked together, the red haired boy was with the black haired boy, the boy with grey eyes and the African American girl bunked together, Mabuka and Mia bunked together, both sets of twins bunked together, and then my older triplet sisters bunked together.

I realized the last ones without bunk mates was me, and the guy that tried to get the blonde girls attention. I sighed, and walked over to him, “You want to bunk together?”

He looked a bit startled, and glanced at the yellow haired boy, before looking at me, “I don’t mind. Why?”

“Well, we’re the last ones left. Everyone else has a bunk mate, or requested to be alone, so it’s just us two left,” I admitted.

He sighed, “Fine.”

I grinned, and walked inside.

The three teachers went to a single room, which I assumed was either the office, or their bedroom.

“Soooo, we should probably introduce ourselves, since we’re going to be here together for… who knows how long. I’m Navine,” The yellow fairy grinned.

Grace smiled, “I’m Grace. These are my triplet sisters Lucia and Fran Bow. My cousins, Misfortune and Benjamin, T’Challa and Shuri, and then my younger triplet sister Mia, Clara, and Mabuka.”

Lucia quietly waved.

Mabuka smiled, “Hi!”

“I’m Bree,” The African American girl spoke up, and glanced at the boy with grey eyes, “and this is William.”

William smiled, “Hey.”

“Please someone take him away from me,” The blonde girl complained, glancing at my bunk mate.

He huffed, “Rude.”

“Well, I’m glad I’m not bunking with my ex,” She glared at him.

He sighed, “Whatever, Star.”

She rolled her eyes, and looked at Navine, “I’m Star. This is Tom. He’s annoying.”

Some of the kids laughed at her calling him annoying.

I sighed, and didn’t say anything.

The yellow haired boy grinned, “Ha! She thinks you’re annoying, Thomas.”

“Don’t call me Thomas,” Tom growled.

The yellow haired boy snickered, “Don’t care. Anyway, I’m Bill, and this is Kill and Will.” He gestured you the red haired boy, and then the light blue haired boy.

The black haired boy nodded, “I’m Selwyn, but I usually go by Sel.”

“Alright. What are you guys? Since we’re all supernatural.” Navine grinned, “I’m a fairy, obviously.”

Grace nodded, “Fairy, same as Clara, Mia and Mabuka.”

“Kingsmage,” Sel grinned.

Bill snorted, “Sure. You’re wimpy.”

“You want to fight?” Sel glared at him.

Bill huffed, “Why not? You’re a dumb kingsmage, and you two are legendborn.” He pointed at William and Bree.

Bree sighed, “So? You?”

“Demon,” Kill grinned, “All three of us, and he’s partial,” He gestured to Tom, who grumbled.

“I’m Mewnian,” Star smiled.

“We’re part elf,” Misfortune looked up, “All 10 of us.”

Kill snorted, “Yuck.”

“No one was asking YOU,” I huffed.