5.10 – Home

As soon as I get home, I watch my mom get sprayed with water.

Three of the boys moved in with us. Will, Bill and Tom.

I spot Mom and Bill arguing and I sigh when Mom talks to me later.

“If that’s your boyfriend, I hate him,” She tells me.

I groan, “Mom, my boyfriend is mute. That’s his twin.”

“How do you end up with a mute boyfriend? Well, at least it’s not him. He’s a brat,” She huffs, walking away.

At least Mom gets along with Tom. Not that it matters. I think my boy is scared of Mom for some reason. I don’t get it.

Turns out there was a prom coming up not long after we got back home, so we went. None of us won prom king/queen, but at least we had fun. I’m glad that we both became offical.

Of course, I aged up not much longer, and the house is to the four of us now. Turns out I have freckles. I think it looks nice. I’m a proper lady now.

4.10 – Going Home


We’re going home today. I’m really excited. I can’t wait to be home and finally get my dream job. I hope.

I smiled, and happily got off the computer. I was so excited! I didn’t get a degree, but I didn’t care. I had found love. Jackie was lucky. She got a degree, and so did her boyfriend. I was proud of my youngest sister.

“Are you excited to go home tonight?” I asked.

Cherubi smiled, “Of course!”

Once we got home, we celebrated in the way we knew best…

Although Cherubi had something else in mind…

Married? Me? I was stoked!

4.9 – Boredom

~Jackie’s P.O.V.~

“You’re so annoying!” I shouted at her.

Cherubi laughed, and just walked back to the dorms.

I sighed, and walked back a few minutes later, going to my room.

On the way there, I noticed that Cherubi liked to play with the shuffleboard. She did pretty well, I think. I’ve never played shuffleboard, so you’ll have to forgive me if I’m wrong.

I hummed, sitting down on the floor and then sketching out a drawing. I quietly drew a few pictures, before going to the easel.

I quietly finished the painting, knowing exactly what I was missing when I last touched the easel.

Afterwards, I went downstairs and to the couch, where I quietly read. We were going home tomorrow. I was pretty nervous.

4.8 – Cherubi is Annoying

~Moon’s P.O.V.~

I was bored for a while. Classes were tough, but I’d prefer to be doing something else, like reading or being on my phone.

I had easily found the person for me. His name was Emmett Springer, and I was fascinated by him. He was something we normal sims called a berry. They could also be called rainbows, but we called them berries. He didn’t seem to mind. Berries weren’t that different from normal sims. They were just usually one color. Emmett was purple, while his friend, Tim Wetzel, was green.

Someone else with us, who I thought was a berry, wasn’t. She was a lot of different colors. Unnatural colors… and she was mean to me. I don’t understand why.

She liked playing tricks on me, but I heard she did that with some of our other roommates.

Yeah… I didn’t like her that much.

4.7 – University Begins!

~Eclipsa’s P.O.V.~

Yesterday was a very interesting day. Yesterday, we were taken on a tour of the campus and we were allowed to meet some of the new students. We have some roommates, too. Not that we don’t mind. It’s a good opportunity for us to meet new people, which is good considering that we’re new.

We have the weirdest roommates. We have a fairy as a roommate. Her name is Cherubi Kanto. There’s also two berries. A purple berry male and a green berry male. We don’t know their names yet, so we’re calling them Mr. Purple and Mr. Green at the moment. We don’t think they mind.

We also had a fire. Someone left something on the stove to cook. Don’t worry! Everyone made it out alive, but we did have to pay for the stove to be replaced. That was annoying.

I sighed. That was an interesting day. A fire, and we’re living with berries AND a fairy? It was weird… but, we lived with our moms’, one of which was an elf, and 2 other sisters. Not that bad. … Well… two other sister and one half-sister that everyone ignored, but as all three of those sisters have left, she’s not too important now.

Cherubi was a bit interesting. She was a seventh generation child. How her family line has lasted seven generations, we weren’t sure… but she seemed quite pleased to be away from her family.

“Two of my brothers were chosen as heirs, instead of me. Not that I cared. I was glad to be out of that house. Too many people, really. Too much chaos. I was one of seven children,” She explained to me.

I smiled and nodded, “I’m one of five. I have a twin named Meteora, and twin younger siblings, and an older sister. No boys. Just us five girls.”

“Lucky. You had no stinky boys in your house.” She made a face, “I was stuck with 3 brothers and 3 sisters. It was annoying. At least I was the oldest.”

“That’s cool. Did you boss around your younger siblings?” I asked, glancing at her.

She smirked, “Of course I did! Why wouldn’t I have? It was fun too!”

“True,” I laughed.

She hummed, “You said you want to be a writer?”

“That’s part of what I want. I’m going to be a journalist as well. Writer being more of a side job, you know?” I asked.

She nodded, “That makes sense. You don’t know if your writing career will take off. I’m probably going to do something similar. I want to be a blogger, but I guess a steady source of income wouldn’t be too bad.”

“No, it probably wouldn’t. It would probably be a smart decision,” I smiled.

“You know, we’ve spent some good time together. I think there might be something here. What do you think?” I asked, biting my lip nervously

“I think there’s something here too.”