4.3 – Jackie

~Jackie’s P.O.V.~

I smiled, quietly humming a song while I painted. I really enjoyed painting. It helped me take my mind of things. Being the youngest was tough. I had 4 siblings to look up too. Sure I had a twin, but I was still the youngest. My siblings would boss me around sometimes. Especially the older twins, Eclipsa and Meteora.

“Your grandfather was evil.” Mom explained to me one day, “He was a player. He didn’t care much for us kids. I didn’t want that for you girls, so I tried being in your life as much as possible.”

I smiled, and just nodded, not saying anything, deciding to just go back to my painting. Painting was my outlet. Sure, I could do other things. Chess was fun sometimes, so was playing the guitar, but I loved painting the most. Painting was interesting. I could do whatever I wanted.

I could just glide my hand across the canvas, and that would make art. It was peaceful. It let me calm my mind, and keep it empty of worries about the future. I was nervous, really. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to be in the music industry.

Possibly a pop star, if I could… but I might have to go to college for that. I was scared of asking my mom’s if I COULD go to college. We had the money, but… I still wasn’t sure if they were okay with it.

There was the guitar, too. It was my great-uncle DD’s, bought for him, when he was a teen. At least, that’s what Grandpa had told us once. I believed him. If great-uncle DD could play the guitar, then I’m sure I could too. I was excited to learn, and Mom signed me up for classes. She signed me up for Music Club at the school, too. I wasn’t going to complain. I was thrilled. If I could achieve my dream, that would be amazing! Let’s just hope my dreams don’t come crashing down.

3.7 – The End

Hans passed away that night, and everyone was in a bad mood for months. Because of it, the five teens had mood swings and changed their hair up.


Claire admitted that her girls were all wonderful and beautiful. It was going to be hard to chose her heiress… so she decided to choose three. Eclipsa, Jackie, and Moon would be her heiresses. She was sure they would do a good job.

Thea spent most of her time playing the guitar. It was going to be Spring soon enough.

“Watcher, when are you going to introduce my daughter Shoshanna*?” Thea looked up.

Oh. Um… never…? Sorry, Thea, but… Shoshanna isn’t very important, and now she’s left the house, so… I can’t…

“How rude!” Thea sighed, and went back to playing the guitar.

Anyway… as I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted, Thea really played the guitar for a while, and so did a few of her daughters.

Meteora seemed to enjoy being on the computer, and she did so often. Actually, everyone was on the computer at some point during the day.

Claire spent most of her time on the treadmill, for her job.

Jackie decided to try cooking for everyone that night.

She made pancakes. They weren’t that bad.

“Exactly! I make good food! Admire my creation! ADMIRE IT!” Jackie screamed.

Speaking of admiring things…

Moon, Jackie and Star all really like the easel…

Rest In Peace
Hans Clearwater
Father, Criminal, Casanova Wannabe

*Shoshanna – The child Thea had as a result of risky woohoo when I was trying to complete her LTW. She has now left the house, and her LTW is not fulfilled.

3.6 – Mistakes Were Made

“Ohhhh! Oh, yes! Yes, I’ll marry you!” Claire exclaimed, jumping up and down.

A Few Months later…

”You know… I can’t do this. I can’t make this commitment,” Thea frowned, before running from the arch.

Claire watched her go, looking heartbroken. If she didn’t want to marry her, then she know what to do next.

Claire quietly followed her to their room.

“If you don’t want to make a commitment, then we’re over!” Claire shouted at her.

Thea was surprised, “What?”

“You heard me! You can stay to raise the kids, but I want nothing to do with you afterwards. Got it?” Claire growled.

Thea sighed, “Got it.”

3.5 – Issues

Hans and Thea flirted for a while.

“I know you’re with my daughter, but would you mind a silver fox?”

“Maybe not.”

Claire wasn’t pleased, but she would deal with it later. They had a birthday to attend.

Moon and Jackie were growing up today. Everyone was excited.

“Hmm… for my birthday, I think I want a tornado!” Moon exclaimed, after blowing out her candles.

Claire smiled, “I don’t think we can do that, but we could go out later?”

“Okay!” Moon smiled, accepting that instead.

Jackie didn’t really know what she wanted, so she thought about it for a while. She could get back to her moms on what she wanted later, right?

Both the girls were beautiful, as they were expected to be. Just as pretty as their older sisters.

Thea smiled, “Claire, would you marry me?”

3.3 – Little Painters

~Claire’s P.O.V.~

This is Moon and Jackie. Moon has my father Hans’ hair and Thea’s eyes, while Jackie has his eyes, and Thea’s hair. They’re opposites in looks, you could say.

Star became a teen a few months later, and a few years after that, Eclipsa and Meteora joined her in teen hood.


My wonderful girls. Moon and Jackie were still kids, but I was sure they were going to be as beautiful as their older sisters.

Star spent a lot of time painting, and so did Jackie.

Jackie painting

It was around this time that Thea spent a lot of time on the computer.

While, I spent time on the treadmill.

3.2 – Taken to Another World

Hello. It’s me again. Thea. It’s been a while, huh? Let’s see…

Well, I’ve grown up again, and actually… Claire and I are together.

She confessed her feelings to me a few years ago, and I reciprocated those feelings.

We have a daughter named Star now. She has elf-ears like me, but everything else is all Claire.

We also had two other daughters when Star was a toddler. Their names are Meteora and Eclipsa. They’re both very beautiful girls, and also blind like me. They’re also quite different from each other. They’re both evil girls, but while Meteora is a genius and a coward, Eclipsa is over-emotional and clumsy.

We also have two other little girls, Moon and Jackie, but I’ll introduce them later.

3.1 – Step Into Reality

Claire was defeated. She was not going to leave the house, unfortunately. Her dad wanted her to be his heir, and being heir meant dealing with all the ghosts… sure, they were the ghosts of her grandparents, but still… they were ghosts nonetheless, and because she was a coward, she fainted at the sight of them.

Staying DID have its perks, though… she could stay at home with Thea and also her dad, and when she finally decided to have kids, they could take care of her kid while she was at work.

She could also easily access all of her father’s money, and it, and her childhood home, was hers… once he passed, of course. For now, though… she didn’t have much.

She passed time by looking at the stars through the telescope, or going to the gym with Thea. Having a “girls day out”, you could say.

It was worth it, really. Claire was in the criminal career, while Thea was in the military career. It was good for them to go out and stay fit, going to the gym. Plus, of course, using the telescope helped too.

So, she continued to go to the gym with Thea. It was a breath of relief, honestly. She could lose herself in the repetitive motions of listening to music and running on the treadmill. Getting more fit. Being more than ready to fight other people… and help her with her job. Plus, she could get money if she could find stars, which was important, as her family wasn’t exactly rich.

Being from her dad, a man who slept around, she knew she wanted to be a loyal woman. Loyal to whoever her husband or wife was going to be. Claire wasn’t picky. She just wanted her dad off her back about giving him grandkids. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she’d already met the one she wanted.

The only issue, was that she wasn’t on good terms with them at the moment. She didn’t even know what type of person they liked. Or… perhaps they liked the occult, considering their heritage. Either way, she’d try her best to seem willing and okay with being with them. The difficult part was asking.

She knew it was going to be awkward. They grew up together, after all. She just hoped Thea felt the same way.

2.7 – My Beautiful Girls

I was shocked. We all were. We didn’t think LaLa would do such a thing, but she did. When her boyfriend came home with her one day after school, MoMo yelled at him for what he did.

It was no use. It was already done, and we couldn’t do anything about it.

A few months later, she brought home a little boy named Vulfgang. I didn’t question the name. None of us did.

Vulfgang was a sweet little boy, and very innocent. We didn’t mind his presence. The strange thing was, LaLa became a young adult the same day her son was born, probably due to the impact of the situation, causing her not to have her birthday at the same time as her twin. At least, that was our guess.

My daughter… my wonderful daughter LaLa. She grew out her hair not long after her birthday, and none of us minded. She could do what she wanted now, as a young adult. She reminded me of my mother. Even is she had her mother’s eyes, she had my mom’s hair. She looked a lot like her grandma… and she was a beautiful young lady.

A few months later, TT and ChuChu grew up. My two other beautiful girls. TT looked like a splitting image of her mother. ChuChu, on the other hand, took after me in looks. Our hair color and eye color, as well as skin color, were the same. Of course, they were both stunning looking.

As time went on, and it got closer and closer to Claire and Lulu’s 21st birthdays, when they’d become young adults, I realized I’d need to figure out who my heir would be. After a lot of thinking, I decided it would be Claire. She would be perfect for the job, as the youngest.

When their birthday came, I couldn’t help keep the smile off my face as I watched them grow up.

Claire looked a lot like her mother, blonde and purple eyes. She was beautiful.

I confronted her about the heirship a few minutes after the party.

“Claire… I have something to tell you.” I looked at my youngest daughter, smiling, “You are going to be my heir.”

Claire looked at me, terrified, “WHAT?! I can’t stay in this house! There’s ghosts!”

“Sorry, dear, but you’ll have to. You’re my heir after all,” I spoke bluntly, not really caring.

Claire sighed, “Can’t you get someone else to do it? Lulu’s more of the family-type!”

That was true. LuLu loved kids, starting from when he became a teen. Although the rest of the kids have since moved out, LuLu loved babysitting for LaLa, when she had to leave Valfgang alone in the house, usually to go work. He had earned a nice amount of money from doing so.

“Yes, but LuLu knows what he’s going to do in life. You don’t. This’ll help you figure it out. You need to have at least one child, alright?” I asked, “Just one, is all I ask. You can decide for yourself if you want more than one.”

Claire sighed, figuring out I was going to win this argument, “Fine… I’ll do it.”

“Thank you.”