4.10 – Going Home


We’re going home today. I’m really excited. I can’t wait to be home and finally get my dream job. I hope.

I smiled, and happily got off the computer. I was so excited! I didn’t get a degree, but I didn’t care. I had found love. Jackie was lucky. She got a degree, and so did her boyfriend. I was proud of my youngest sister.

“Are you excited to go home tonight?” I asked.

Cherubi smiled, “Of course!”

Once we got home, we celebrated in the way we knew best…

Although Cherubi had something else in mind…

Married? Me? I was stoked!

4.7 – University Begins!

~Eclipsa’s P.O.V.~

Yesterday was a very interesting day. Yesterday, we were taken on a tour of the campus and we were allowed to meet some of the new students. We have some roommates, too. Not that we don’t mind. It’s a good opportunity for us to meet new people, which is good considering that we’re new.

We have the weirdest roommates. We have a fairy as a roommate. Her name is Cherubi Kanto. There’s also two berries. A purple berry male and a green berry male. We don’t know their names yet, so we’re calling them Mr. Purple and Mr. Green at the moment. We don’t think they mind.

We also had a fire. Someone left something on the stove to cook. Don’t worry! Everyone made it out alive, but we did have to pay for the stove to be replaced. That was annoying.

I sighed. That was an interesting day. A fire, and we’re living with berries AND a fairy? It was weird… but, we lived with our moms’, one of which was an elf, and 2 other sisters. Not that bad. … Well… two other sister and one half-sister that everyone ignored, but as all three of those sisters have left, she’s not too important now.

Cherubi was a bit interesting. She was a seventh generation child. How her family line has lasted seven generations, we weren’t sure… but she seemed quite pleased to be away from her family.

“Two of my brothers were chosen as heirs, instead of me. Not that I cared. I was glad to be out of that house. Too many people, really. Too much chaos. I was one of seven children,” She explained to me.

I smiled and nodded, “I’m one of five. I have a twin named Meteora, and twin younger siblings, and an older sister. No boys. Just us five girls.”

“Lucky. You had no stinky boys in your house.” She made a face, “I was stuck with 3 brothers and 3 sisters. It was annoying. At least I was the oldest.”

“That’s cool. Did you boss around your younger siblings?” I asked, glancing at her.

She smirked, “Of course I did! Why wouldn’t I have? It was fun too!”

“True,” I laughed.

She hummed, “You said you want to be a writer?”

“That’s part of what I want. I’m going to be a journalist as well. Writer being more of a side job, you know?” I asked.

She nodded, “That makes sense. You don’t know if your writing career will take off. I’m probably going to do something similar. I want to be a blogger, but I guess a steady source of income wouldn’t be too bad.”

“No, it probably wouldn’t. It would probably be a smart decision,” I smiled.

“You know, we’ve spent some good time together. I think there might be something here. What do you think?” I asked, biting my lip nervously

“I think there’s something here too.”

4.6 – Nerves

~Jackie’s P.O.V.~

I was nervous. I laid awake that night, nervous about leaving home. Away from my moms, and only with two of my older siblings to keep me company. I glanced at Moon’s bed, across from mine.

She was sleeping comfortably, in her bed. She wasn’t cold at night, so she just laid on top of her bed, in her everyday clothes. My twin was weird. She did look quite peaceful however. I wondered how she did it. How she could sleep, when tomorrow morning we’d leave home for even more school. A harder, tougher school to pass. I didn’t want to think about it, but I had no choice. We were going. We had no choice.

I took out my sketchbook that I hid under my bed and started drawing. My mothers’ said that it was likely we’d all find someone at University. I was nervous about that. I wanted a lot of kids, at least five, so that was going to be difficult. Finding someone who wanted the same was probably going to be difficult.

We had all taken a test in the afternoon to find out what majors would suit us. Eclipsa signed up for the Communications major, Moon signed up for the Science and Medicine major, and I signed up for the Fine Arts major. I was nervous to think about everything that could happen. I ended up falling asleep, lost in my thoughts.

Like my moms’ had said, we left the next morning.

4.4 – (Young) Adulthood

~Eclipsa’s P.O.V.~

Another few months go by, and Star celebrates her 21st birthday. Her birthday into young adulthood. I’m playing the guitar for the family. I’ve been practicing a song for a while. I’m nervous about showing it, but I do well enough.

My older sister grows up and smiles, before taking a slice of cake. So does everyone else. I’m too afraid to do so, so I keep strumming. Only a few more years…

Years pass, and we have moved… finally. The small house was demolished and we use the money to move and build a new house. A better one. Two stories, and plenty of space. We managed to convince our moms to let us have a chemistry set. I’m thrilled.

I love the chemistry set. I use it a lot, but I never get anywhere. I get accidents, and having to take showers, but that’s about it. No potions, unfortunately.

Moon’s changed her look a lot, but this is her current look. She looks like a goth, I guess… or an emo.

My twin and I finally had our young adult birthdays. Meteora moved out with Star shortly after, so now I’m just waiting for Moon and Jackie to become young adults, so that I can finally go to university. My parents are only letting me go with my two heiress-partners, I guess… so I can’t go until they’re young adults, as you can’t go to university as a teen. I hope it won’t take long.

4.1 – Eclipsa

~Eclipsa’s P.O.V.~

My name is Eclipsa. I am one of five children. I have a twin named Meteora, and an older sister named Star, as well as two younger sisters, twins, named Jackie and Moon. Jackie, Moon and I are now the heiresses of my great-grandmother’s legacy. My mother’s dad’s mom’s legacy. She was my mother’s grandmother, so she is my great-grandmother.

I sighed, leaning back in the chair, deciding to give my fingers a rest from all the typing I’ve been doing.

My great-grandmother’s legacy… We’ve heard about it often as kids. My mother’s grandmother had moved to this town, Sunset Valley with our great-aunt Alana, who was only a toddler at the time, to start a new life. Of course, Alana and my grandfather, Hans, have since passed away, but their siblings were still here. We didn’t see them often, but when we did, we didn’t have anything in common.

When my mother decided to make Jackie, Moon and I the heiresses, I thought she out of her mind. I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life, and my insane, vegetarian younger sister, Moon, and her twin, performance artist, chess player, painter extraordinaire, Jackie, did. Sure, I had written a book, but that wasn’t something I wanted to do forever.

Moon, on the other hand, was most likely going to go into the police force, and Jackie? Well, she could go into pretty much anything. She had plenty of options. The music industry, the science center, even the art industry would be easy for her to make it big in. Even though, I suspected she’d be a song writer and singer. That seemed like something she’d like to do.

I groaned, and started typing again, trying to just write out my thoughts.

My twin sister, Meteora, keeps asking our parents to let her have a pet. I don’t understand why she wants one, but she does. Mom told her that they would think about it for a Christmas present next year.

I didn’t get it. Sure, my sister was as much of a genius as Jackie was, but she was also just as evil as I was, plus she was a coward. Why would she like animals? Especially horses. Those things are big, and hard to take care of. They could probably crush you under their feet too, if they wanted to.

Of course, I never told my sister this. As much as I’d love to tell her, I didn’t want to get in trouble. Not that it really mattered. Us teens got in trouble all the time.

I sighed, and got up, before going to the mirror and looking at my hair. I sighed, I should really cut it. I thought to myself. I smirked, and went to the kitchen, getting a pair of scissors, before going back to the mirror and cutting my hair.

I liked it. It looked nice and short. Much more manageable and easier to take care off, plus my hair wouldn’t get in my face. I smiled, and walked to the dresser, deciding to change my clothes as well. I think this would be much easier for me.

3.7 – The End

Hans passed away that night, and everyone was in a bad mood for months. Because of it, the five teens had mood swings and changed their hair up.


Claire admitted that her girls were all wonderful and beautiful. It was going to be hard to chose her heiress… so she decided to choose three. Eclipsa, Jackie, and Moon would be her heiresses. She was sure they would do a good job.

Thea spent most of her time playing the guitar. It was going to be Spring soon enough.

“Watcher, when are you going to introduce my daughter Shoshanna*?” Thea looked up.

Oh. Um… never…? Sorry, Thea, but… Shoshanna isn’t very important, and now she’s left the house, so… I can’t…

“How rude!” Thea sighed, and went back to playing the guitar.

Anyway… as I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted, Thea really played the guitar for a while, and so did a few of her daughters.

Meteora seemed to enjoy being on the computer, and she did so often. Actually, everyone was on the computer at some point during the day.

Claire spent most of her time on the treadmill, for her job.

Jackie decided to try cooking for everyone that night.

She made pancakes. They weren’t that bad.

“Exactly! I make good food! Admire my creation! ADMIRE IT!” Jackie screamed.

Speaking of admiring things…

Moon, Jackie and Star all really like the easel…

Rest In Peace
Hans Clearwater
Father, Criminal, Casanova Wannabe

*Shoshanna – The child Thea had as a result of risky woohoo when I was trying to complete her LTW. She has now left the house, and her LTW is not fulfilled.

3.3 – Little Painters

~Claire’s P.O.V.~

This is Moon and Jackie. Moon has my father Hans’ hair and Thea’s eyes, while Jackie has his eyes, and Thea’s hair. They’re opposites in looks, you could say.

Star became a teen a few months later, and a few years after that, Eclipsa and Meteora joined her in teen hood.


My wonderful girls. Moon and Jackie were still kids, but I was sure they were going to be as beautiful as their older sisters.

Star spent a lot of time painting, and so did Jackie.

Jackie painting

It was around this time that Thea spent a lot of time on the computer.

While, I spent time on the treadmill.

3.2 – Taken to Another World

Hello. It’s me again. Thea. It’s been a while, huh? Let’s see…

Well, I’ve grown up again, and actually… Claire and I are together.

She confessed her feelings to me a few years ago, and I reciprocated those feelings.

We have a daughter named Star now. She has elf-ears like me, but everything else is all Claire.

We also had two other daughters when Star was a toddler. Their names are Meteora and Eclipsa. They’re both very beautiful girls, and also blind like me. They’re also quite different from each other. They’re both evil girls, but while Meteora is a genius and a coward, Eclipsa is over-emotional and clumsy.

We also have two other little girls, Moon and Jackie, but I’ll introduce them later.