4.21 – A Supernatural School?

~Jackie’s P.O.V.~

Shuri ran over to me from the front door, “Mom! Mom! Look!”

I sighed, and took the envelope she was holding, “What is it?”

“Read it, Mom! Read it!” She urged.

I complied, and opened the envelope.

“School for Supernaturally Inclined Individuals…” I hummed, looking at the seal, before opening it and looking at the letter inside.

Dear Jackie Clearwater, I would like to formally invite your daughters, T’Challa and Shuri, as well as their cousins,to my school. It is a school for supernatural beings, and humans with supernatural abilities. My school teaches those between 13 and 18. Please respond not long after their 13th birthday, and tell your sisters to do the same, if they wish for their kids to go as well. Always yours, Mr. Levio.” I read allowed.

“Can we go Mom? Can we?” Shuri looked up at me hopefully.

I sighed, “Fine.”