4.2 – Moon

~Moon’s P.O.V.~

I hummed, putting down the paint brush and then getting up, removing the finished painting from the easel and placing it on the wall. I really hoped we moved soon. Maybe when we did, I could have my own room, away from my twin. My twin and I didn’t always see eye to eye. She was perfect. Literally. She could paint, solve equations in seconds, play chess, sing, dance, and play practically any instrument… and I despised her for it. How could she be so perfect? Sure, I could play chess, but not as well as she could. It was infuriating how much better than me she was.

I sighed, going to the kitchen, deciding to make pancakes. Pancakes were one of the only foods I could eat normally, in my vegetarian lifestyle. Unfortunately, she was there, and she was making pancakes, that I SHOULD’VE been making.

She glanced at me, smiling, “Hey, Moon! Want some pancakes?”

I ignored her, and got a juice box from the fridge. That would satisfy me for now, I hoped. I hummed, and thought about what I was going to do in life, leaning against the wall. I could cook, I could play chess… but I was also a bit paranoid and my siblings didn’t understand me at times. Neither did our parents, but I didn’t care. They just didn’t understand.

It started happening when I was a child. I would hear whispers in my head, and around me. I could see things at times. Interesting things. Glowing lights, things around me. I didn’t understand it, and I still don’t. Could I see something that others couldn’t?

3.7 – The End

Hans passed away that night, and everyone was in a bad mood for months. Because of it, the five teens had mood swings and changed their hair up.


Claire admitted that her girls were all wonderful and beautiful. It was going to be hard to chose her heiress… so she decided to choose three. Eclipsa, Jackie, and Moon would be her heiresses. She was sure they would do a good job.

Thea spent most of her time playing the guitar. It was going to be Spring soon enough.

“Watcher, when are you going to introduce my daughter Shoshanna*?” Thea looked up.

Oh. Um… never…? Sorry, Thea, but… Shoshanna isn’t very important, and now she’s left the house, so… I can’t…

“How rude!” Thea sighed, and went back to playing the guitar.

Anyway… as I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted, Thea really played the guitar for a while, and so did a few of her daughters.

Meteora seemed to enjoy being on the computer, and she did so often. Actually, everyone was on the computer at some point during the day.

Claire spent most of her time on the treadmill, for her job.

Jackie decided to try cooking for everyone that night.

She made pancakes. They weren’t that bad.

“Exactly! I make good food! Admire my creation! ADMIRE IT!” Jackie screamed.

Speaking of admiring things…

Moon, Jackie and Star all really like the easel…

Rest In Peace
Hans Clearwater
Father, Criminal, Casanova Wannabe

*Shoshanna – The child Thea had as a result of risky woohoo when I was trying to complete her LTW. She has now left the house, and her LTW is not fulfilled.

3.5 – Issues

Hans and Thea flirted for a while.

“I know you’re with my daughter, but would you mind a silver fox?”

“Maybe not.”

Claire wasn’t pleased, but she would deal with it later. They had a birthday to attend.

Moon and Jackie were growing up today. Everyone was excited.

“Hmm… for my birthday, I think I want a tornado!” Moon exclaimed, after blowing out her candles.

Claire smiled, “I don’t think we can do that, but we could go out later?”

“Okay!” Moon smiled, accepting that instead.

Jackie didn’t really know what she wanted, so she thought about it for a while. She could get back to her moms on what she wanted later, right?

Both the girls were beautiful, as they were expected to be. Just as pretty as their older sisters.

Thea smiled, “Claire, would you marry me?”

3.4 – Troubles

Star really enjoyed cooking. She reminded me of my older brother DD in that way. Ignore the poisoned apples on the counters. My dad keeps making them, and just places them on the counter afterwards. Plenty of us have fallen victim to them at some point.

Case and point… Moon a few weeks ago…

However, that’s the least of our problems. We’ve had just over 10,000 simoleons for the past few years. You’d think we’d have more, but due to constantly repairing and replacing appliances and plumbing, as well as buying things for the kids, paying for their field trips and things they need for school, we don’t have much. We haven’t had much for years, but we have enough to keep going as we have been for a few more years. At least, we hoped.

Moon really enjoyed fishing by the ocean. She fished for pretty much the rest of the day.

Jackie really liked to paint, and so did some of the other girls.

Meteora really liked using the telescope. Unfortunately, her grandfather was causing trouble.

~Third Person~

Hans fought with Meteora, and beat her in a fight, and he also…

I… have no words for this…

2.7 – My Beautiful Girls

I was shocked. We all were. We didn’t think LaLa would do such a thing, but she did. When her boyfriend came home with her one day after school, MoMo yelled at him for what he did.

It was no use. It was already done, and we couldn’t do anything about it.

A few months later, she brought home a little boy named Vulfgang. I didn’t question the name. None of us did.

Vulfgang was a sweet little boy, and very innocent. We didn’t mind his presence. The strange thing was, LaLa became a young adult the same day her son was born, probably due to the impact of the situation, causing her not to have her birthday at the same time as her twin. At least, that was our guess.

My daughter… my wonderful daughter LaLa. She grew out her hair not long after her birthday, and none of us minded. She could do what she wanted now, as a young adult. She reminded me of my mother. Even is she had her mother’s eyes, she had my mom’s hair. She looked a lot like her grandma… and she was a beautiful young lady.

A few months later, TT and ChuChu grew up. My two other beautiful girls. TT looked like a splitting image of her mother. ChuChu, on the other hand, took after me in looks. Our hair color and eye color, as well as skin color, were the same. Of course, they were both stunning looking.

As time went on, and it got closer and closer to Claire and Lulu’s 21st birthdays, when they’d become young adults, I realized I’d need to figure out who my heir would be. After a lot of thinking, I decided it would be Claire. She would be perfect for the job, as the youngest.

When their birthday came, I couldn’t help keep the smile off my face as I watched them grow up.

Claire looked a lot like her mother, blonde and purple eyes. She was beautiful.

I confronted her about the heirship a few minutes after the party.

“Claire… I have something to tell you.” I looked at my youngest daughter, smiling, “You are going to be my heir.”

Claire looked at me, terrified, “WHAT?! I can’t stay in this house! There’s ghosts!”

“Sorry, dear, but you’ll have to. You’re my heir after all,” I spoke bluntly, not really caring.

Claire sighed, “Can’t you get someone else to do it? Lulu’s more of the family-type!”

That was true. LuLu loved kids, starting from when he became a teen. Although the rest of the kids have since moved out, LuLu loved babysitting for LaLa, when she had to leave Valfgang alone in the house, usually to go work. He had earned a nice amount of money from doing so.

“Yes, but LuLu knows what he’s going to do in life. You don’t. This’ll help you figure it out. You need to have at least one child, alright?” I asked, “Just one, is all I ask. You can decide for yourself if you want more than one.”

Claire sighed, figuring out I was going to win this argument, “Fine… I’ll do it.”

“Thank you.”

2.6 – All the Kids Are Growing

MoMo really likes the telescope. He uses it constantly. I think he’s going to be an astronaut when he’s older. I hope he conquers the stars!

Claire and LuLu really like each other’s company. They love playing tag together, and go on till late at night, so I have to pretty much force them to go to bed.

I grew up a few days after I managed to get a promotion. It was a relief, getting a midlife crisis and also the watcher allowing me to pretty much shave my head. Of course, I kept my beard.

I liked my new haircut a lot. I got a grey and black tiger striped shirt to go with it, keeping my rebel spike collar, as well. I thought I looked pretty handsome, and the watcher agreed.

DD became a young adult a few months later, and he decided he’d be a chef.

“I really think this is the right path for me, Dad. My passions lie in painting and playing the guitar, but you know I don’t mind cooking while you’re away at work. I don’t mind cooking for a living, that’s what I’ve been doing since I turned 13, isn’t it?” DD asked me one day, deciding to confront me head on.

I sighed, “DD, it’s not that. Cooking can cause fire if you get distracted, like your sister LaLa does sometimes. I know you won’t get distracted, just… be careful, alright, son?”

“Okay, Dad. I get it. I’ll be careful. I promise,” DD smiled and went back to playing the guitar.

I was worried about the kid. Sure, he was a young adult now, at 21, but he was still my child. He was my oldest. I really hoped he’d turn out alright.

The rest of my children grew up fast after that.



Thea… And even if she wasn’t biologically related, I watched her grow up since she was just a baby, so that made me believe she was as much as my child as the rest of them… right?

A lot of fighting happened. I fought with Thea, and actually set her on fire once. The watcher was HORRIFIED and chastised me in her mind, because of it.

MoMo also broke up with her not long after he grew up. They didn’t seem to see eye-to-eye anymore. I ended up fighting with CoCo once, too. My relationship with my kids was falling.

LuLu became a teen, and as LuLu did, so did Claire.

The last teenagers, I realized with shock one day. After those two became young adults, there would be no more kids in the house for a while.

At least… that’s what I had thought…

2.4 – TV Troubles and Elder Romances

~Hans’ P.O.V.~

DD took up painting, when he became a teen. It was interesting, having my oldest child’s paintings on our walls, but it made him happy. When I worked late nights, DD took up the cooking. He usually had left over dinner for me in the fridge, and stayed up late waiting for me, while his siblings were all asleep. He was a wonderful kid, and extremely helpful. I knew I could count on him to keep things afloat while I was away.

When I got home a few nights ago, TT was in a T-shirt and underwear, browsing the web. I wasn’t sure why, but she informed me it was for a school project, so I let her be. If it was for a school project, I didn’t mind. I hope she got an A.

I had somehow fallen for a much older woman, named Ayesha Ansari. I know she’ll probably pass away soon, but I am going to kiss her at least. I spent a lot of time over the next few months with her, and I was very upset when she passed away.

In other news, DD started playing the guitar, and learning how to. I hoped he’d do well. He wanted to be a painter, guitar player, AND a chef once he was a young adult. I really hoped he’d achieve his dreams.

I decided to send TT, MoMo, and LaLa away to Smuggleworth’s Prep School. I’m sure they’d do well. Not a lot happened when they were away, or before they left. However, MoMo and LaLa did grow up before they left.

I did notice my sister Elsa skating, when I went to the park to go look for… ahem… victims for my LTW, which is Zombie Maker, by the way.

This is the first person I turned into a zombie. The watcher didn’t care to film the rest, so ignore that.

I ended up going to my sibling’s house to go fix their TV. These two are my nieces, and while I can’t recall their names, they obviously are both girls and have my mother’s hair.

While I was there, though, I found out Anna was expecting and listened, while Alana was freaking out about their broken TV.

I fixed their TV, before I was forced to leave, which was fine with me. A few of my kids are growing up tomorrow.

2.2 – Now

As of right now, I have 6 of my 8 children, and also Thea, of course… but she doesn’t count. Manisha and I had another son. I named him CoCo.

CoCo Clearwater

DD had his next big birthday when he turned 5.

DD Clearwater

You might not be able to see it well in the picture, but he ended up with his mother’s hair, highlights included, that she got not long after we started dating… but that wasn’t going to last long.

Hans and River Tide

Manisha and I ended up in a huge fight afterwards. I won, of course… but that was the last straw for me.

If she wasn’t going to accept me sleeping around, then I didn’t need her.

A few, long months later, Magic Mint and River Tide both had twins, and I was forced to take them home.

All four kids have since had their big 1st and big 2nd birthday.

TT Clearwater (Toddler – Magic Mint’s)
TT Clearwater (Child)
MoMo Clearwater (Toddler – River Tide’s)
MoMo Clearwater (Child)
ChuChu Clearwater (Toddler – River Tide’s)
ChuChu Clearwater (Child)
LaLa Clearwater (Toddler – Magic Mint’s)
LaLa Clearwater (Child)

… and, just for the heck of it, I’ll let you see Thea, even if she’s not my kin.


Thea was definitely the most interesting looking. Freckles, pink hair, white eyes, pale skin, pointy ears. It was weird.

She’s an elf.

… What?

Thea. She’s the last of the elves. You have to raise her right, and she will be a queen.

I don’t understand…

You will at some point, I promise. Just make sure she turns out alright.

Alright… I’ll try, Watcher.



… Is that all?

… And then I’ll reward her with a new dollhouse.


Alright, small question… should I include Thea in the heir poll for this gen?

Keep in mind, I have made her not related to the family, therefore she COULD end up a spouse of one of the kids. Either way, I just wanted to ask this question, mostly because I’m curious about it.

2.1 – New Beginnings

Ever since I was a child, I could hear the watcher. The great one. The person controlling our destinies. They told me that there would be a baby at my doorstep, in a few years.

I didn’t understand why, but I wasn’t that great of a child. I got into fights with my dad a lot.

I wasn’t that better as a teen, either. Fighting with my siblings all the time, but I was just learning from my parents.

You see, my parents weren’t perfect. They fought ALLLL the time. Hell, after my mom passed, the six of us didn’t know who should take the house. My siblings decided I should, since Mom had told me I was going to be heir.

I decided to agree, but I wasn’t sure what to do with the house and the land, but the first thing I did was set off for University.

Not a lot happened, really. I got a girlfriend, her name is Manisha, by the way. I figured out what I wanted to do in life. I decided that instead of having one girl, to make this easier, I’d sleep around and hopefully get my 8 kids in no time, plus… by the time they became teens, I could just take them back home. Super easy.

A few months passed by, and we welcomed our first child, a son, named DD.

Things were pretty quiet, for a few years. Until, like the watcher had told me, a baby appeared on our doorstep. I named her Thea, after the goddess of sight. It seemed like a very fitting name for a child that I was told of by the watcher.

1.9 – The Passing of Time

There was an odd ghost appearance last night. We believe it was Elbert, but we didn’t get to talk. All he really did was eat some Mac and cheese.

The children and I all aged up today. I decided that Hans was going to be my heir.

“You know, you’re going to be the heir. You’re going to stay here, get a wife, and then have kiddos. Got it?” I looked at him.

Hans made a face, and looked at his waffles, “I don’t want a romance life, Ma. No offense, but you’d probably be better choosing Eric.”

“Sweetheart, we both know Eric doesn’t like kids now,” I pointed out.

Hans groaned, “Why me? Why can’t it be one of my siblings?”

“Because you need something to have as your legacy. You know this. You can’t just make potions all day long, and don’t think I hadn’t noticed.”

Once Hans became a young adult, he decided he was going to be a Master Potion Maker, and he got an alchemy station.

I was worried about him, but I knew I didn’t have much time left.

~Hans’ P.O.V.~

I was at work when it happened. Mom was alone in the house, and I felt horrible about it. Seeing her grave, after coming home, I decided that I WAS going to honor my mom’s wishes. I would find a girl and have plenty of children with her. I’m sure 8 would suffice.

Rest in Peace
Rose Ann Clearwater

Mother, Wife, and Military Woman

Alana Clearwater
Schmoozer, Absent-Minded, Loves the Cold, Adventurous, and Avant Grade
Elsa Clearwater
Artistic, Loves the Cold, Neurotic, Gatherer, Rebellious
Anna Clearwater
Excitable, Virtuoso, Can’t Stand Art, Ambitious, Perceptive
Eric Clearwater
Brave, Genius, Mooch, Dislikes Children, Eco-Friendly
Hans Clearwater
Evil, Snob, Brave, Diva, Schmoozer
Aurora Clearwater
Couch Potato, Heavy Sleeper, Hot-Headed, Bookworm, Evil