4.8 – Cherubi is Annoying

~Moon’s P.O.V.~

I was bored for a while. Classes were tough, but I’d prefer to be doing something else, like reading or being on my phone.

I had easily found the person for me. His name was Emmett Springer, and I was fascinated by him. He was something we normal sims called a berry. They could also be called rainbows, but we called them berries. He didn’t seem to mind. Berries weren’t that different from normal sims. They were just usually one color. Emmett was purple, while his friend, Tim Wetzel, was green.

Someone else with us, who I thought was a berry, wasn’t. She was a lot of different colors. Unnatural colors… and she was mean to me. I don’t understand why.

She liked playing tricks on me, but I heard she did that with some of our other roommates.

Yeah… I didn’t like her that much.