5.5 – Waking Up

“- and you know, you were out for a few weeks.”

I frowned, “A few weeks?! Why?!”

“Medically induced coma. It was for the best,” William sighed.

I groaned, “Fine.”

“I promise that I made sure you got nutrients, and you should probably stay here for the rest of the day, and not move from the bed until tomorrow morning. You sustained burns to your face, that luckily didn’t burn your eyes or mouth or got into your lungs or throat. No smoke, either, which I assume was what your boyfriend was worried about.” William smiled, “He’s good for you, by the way. He brought you here and barely left your side. He didn’t talk to me, but I understood that he cared about you, since he stayed. He didn’t eat or sleep either. He only left when I told him to, and then he was back here in the morning when I came back to check your vitals. Everyday. He skipped all his classes, and just stayed here the entire time. I told him to leave the room when I noticed you were waking up, so that I could talk to you alone. I figured you’d want to know how loyal your boyfriend was.”

I frowned, “I… don’t have a boyfriend…”

“Oh. Interesting…” William hummed.

I sighed, “Can I see who it is?”

“Of course. I’ll leave and tell him to come in,” William smiled and got up, before leaving the room.

I couldn’t believe who walked in, and I was surprised when he sat down on the floor next to me, biting his lip, looking nervous.

“Hello… Will…”

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