5.4 – Trauma

“What are you scared of, then?” Misfortune looked at him.

Bill rolled his eyes, “First of all, he’s mute. Second of all, he has PTSD. Third of all, he only trusts me and is with ONLY me at ALL times.”

“He’s not with you right now,” I pointed out.

Bill snorted, and stepped aside, “Actually, he is.”

Will stood there, and bit his lip, blushing a bit, before shaking his head, and then signing, ‘No.’

“No? No what?” Bill glanced at him.

Will frowned and shook his head, before signing again, ‘Tree is coming. Later. To study. Us.’

“Tree? Wait…” He laughed, “Yes! Pine Tree!”

Will frowned, ‘Don’t like. Reminds of Mason.’

“That’s fair. Mason’s an alternate version of him, and they look alike, and Mason… was horrible to you,” He sighed.

Will nodded, ‘Let me. Stay away. From him.’

“Fine,” He groaned.

Will smiled, ‘Don’t leave. With Kill.’

“I know not to leave you with him! He’s a jerk!” He snickered.

Will nodded, glanced at us, and waved.

“Hi…” Misfortune blushed, before biting her lip and signing, ‘Hello.’

Will beamed, and signed back, ‘You know this? How?’

Misfortune smiled, “My twin brother’s blind. He’s usually with me or with one of our cousins. We don’t leave him alone by himself.”

“Well, that’s just great…” Bill grumbled.

I huffed, “What does it matter?”

“No reason,” Bill glared at me.

I huffed, “Fine.”

Will frowned, ‘Stop.’

“Fine, I’ll stop, if bratty fairy-elf stops,” He grumbled.


Will winced, and covered his ears, before he started crying.

Bill huffed, and quietly walked over and took him into his arms, and held him, “Look what you did.”

“I didn’t do anything!” I looked at him.

Bill growled, his eyes turning red, “GET OUT.”

Misfortune swallowed and ran out of the room.

I huffed, “What did I do?”

“You made him cry. Not get out of here brat,” He snarled.

“You’re dead, elf-fairy girl.”

I sighed and glanced at Will, before leaving the room.

What the heck is his deal? I didn’t do anything.

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